Cheat Sheet: How You Can Grow A Successful Online Business In Your 20s, As Told By Maggie Wilson!

Cheat Sheet: How You Can Grow A Successful Online Business In Your 20s, As Told By Maggie Wilson!

At an early age, some millennials are already looking for ways on how to be their own girl boss. One of which is starting an online business—it may not be easy to manage at first but with the right amount of time, skill, and effort, you can make it grow and succeed. Below, GoDaddy ambassador and Casa Consunji founder Maggie Wilson-Consunji shares some tips that you can use in moving your venture forward!

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Sell what you love. “Sell a product you believe in,” says the former beauty queen. “That’s one thing that’s very important to us. If you ask us about each and every item in Casa Consunji, we can tell you where it’s from and how it was made. That’s part of the experience.”

Before you open it, make sure everything is in place. Doing so, Maggie shares, can help you avoid problems upon starting it. “When I say everything is in place, I mean all the paper work that you need, all the stuff that’s not fun but is very important and vital in opening a business.”

Take great product photos. “We also really do make it a point to take pictures especially of the spaces that we’ve designed because I feel like in furniture or interior design, when you see a pillow, a lot can’t picture it on a couch or bed so we wanna make sure that our customers are able to see the product in a space that they can imagine themselves having.” 

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Try to put yourself in your customers' shoes. “What do they want to see? People nowadays are very visual,” the online entrepreneur observes. “For me, it’s very important to have a website where you can really show your product and all the information that is needed. Some websites will have nice pictures but then ‘Oh, what’s the dimensions of this chair?’ or ‘How much is this?’ We try to make our website as dummy-proof as possible for the customers so it makes their online shopping experiences a good one, a fun one, an easy one, and something they would like to keep coming back to—a website where it’s so pretty that even if they don’t want to buy anything, they’d like to go to just to see what’s there.”

Keep your customers excited. “For us, we like to launch products every week so we stay relevant and people stay interested in knowing, ‘Ohh, there’s something new! I need to get my hands on it,’” the Casa Consunji founder reveals, stressing that they also don’t sell a lot of the same item. “Actually, our stocks are quite limited and we don’t repeat the prints. We make sure to tell our customers that so while it’s there, they snatch it already because once it’s gone, that’s it! We’re not gonna repeat anything. I think for us, as a brand, it’s important to have new stuff coming in. It doesn’t have to be an entire collection of twenty pieces. It could be two items that we launch every week so we keep our customers excited.”

Be open to learning new things. “In this day and age, I feel like technology’s evolving so quickly so you have to evolve with the times as well,” she muses. “For us, when we did market research, there aren’t a lot of local furniture design stores that have online stores. It’s not that many. I’d say one or two—that’s it. So that’s what I mean with evolving with time. I’m sure the younger generation understands this fully.”

Don’t be scared. Every business has risks. “This (Casa Consunji) isn’t my first business. I had a bikini store before and it did well for the first few years. When I started, there weren’t a lot of bikini brands but now there’s so many of them so you also need to know when to say ‘Okay, you know what? It has run its course. I think it’s time to move on,’” the TV host continues. “In that way, you’re also evolving.”

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