In Focus: Five Invaluable Love Lessons Dating Apps Will Teach You

In Focus: Five Invaluable Love Lessons Dating Apps Will Teach You

We’re now in the time and age when emotions can be expressed with an emoji, and laughter communicated by pressing L-O-L on a keyboard. As a matter of fact, you can check out people you want to end up with, thanks to dating apps. But more than giving us ‘matches,’ dating apps also offer important lessons about love, which are quite evident in “FindHer,” the first-ever online series of Smart.

1. Love goes beyond looks. While it’s true that love starts with physical attraction, a couple’s compatibility is not limited to face value. Do you share the same interests? Are you comfortable sharing stories with your match? The answer to these questions definitely weighs more! People will probably upload their best looking photo, but resulting conversations will either make or break the connection. Take it from FindHer characters Gabe and Aika, whose endless exchanges eventually led them to the decision to finally meet and get to know each other more.

2. Love offers a journey to self-discovery. Everyone downloads a dating app for different reasons, such as to move on from a bad break-up or simply for fun. But as you fill out your profile page and tick off your preferences, you slowly realize the kind of person you really want and who will complement your personality—something that both FindHer leads Aika and Lia eventually learned for themselves.

3. Love requires courage. Putting yourself out there takes a lot of courage. Aside from the dangers of interacting with strangers, there is never a guarantee that an online match leads to a happily ever after. But hey, love also rewards your efforts! FindHer shows this as Gabe, Lia, and Aika deal with an interesting twist because of the risks they took in the name of love.

4. Love rewards the patient. Dating apps may make finding a match easy, but it will also teach you that true love takes time and effort. Dating apps can never put in the work for you! Moreover, as cliché as it goes, you can’t rush something you want to last forever. This is the same lesson Gabe learns on the series: love comes to those willing enough to wait and face even the most difficult decisions and sacrifices.

5. Love grows on genuine personal connection. Plain and simple, a warm hug outweighs a million likes. Fostering genuine and real personal connection is priceless—and this is what most of us are trying to search for when we download a dating app. In the case of FindHer characters Gabe, Lia and Aika, their friendship and determination to be there for each other translated to more meaningful relationships beyond what any app can offer.

Witness for yourself these invaluable lessons about love by watching FindHer on Smart’s official YouTube channel at . Also follow and join online conversations about the series by using the official hashtags #FindHerSeries and #IsLoveOnline!

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