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Why Pets are NOT Just Animals

Why Pets are NOT Just Animals

We’ve seen these Kapamilya Heartthrobs with their gorgeous leading ladies, wearing stylish suits and nailing their favorite hobbies.

And just when we thought that they’re all about good looks and macho status, there they are posing with their adorable pets, definitely making our hearts melt instantly.

This comes as something of a surprise since we all know their busy schedules. To allot time and effort for pets is something that only those who are certified pet lovers can do. Having a pet means being prepared for its drawbacks; cleaning up of mess, expensive maintenance, social limitations – name it.

But despite these sacrifices, pets will give you things that you can’t even repay.





If you think you’re not good at anything, consider getting a pet. The fact that their life depends on you will encourage you to do better so you can provide them the best. It’s like having a child. The only difference is that when your child grows up, they tend to make ways on how to prove that they can live without your guidance.

Pets don’t.

In their eyes, you will always be that one person that they cannot live without. They may escape from time to time to explore, but they will always come back and ask for your big and loving hug.



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I have seen people talking to animals. Some may consider them as weird. But there are times when animals can understand you better than any human being can. Yes, they cannot speak the human language but try observing their actions.

Love, after all, doesn’t need words in order to suffice. 






Unconditional love

You can punish them if they break your expensive stuff, but your anger will never be the reason for them to unlove you. Even if you hurt them, they will still believe that you can restore your loving relationship with each other.

Something that we, human beings, fail to do when we’re wronged.




Pets are not just animals.

Get one to find out what role they will play in your life. 



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