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#ChalkChallenge: Solenn And Nico Bolzico Play The 'Never Have I Ever' Game With Us!

#ChalkChallenge: Solenn And Nico Bolzico Play The 'Never Have I Ever' Game With Us!



These days, keeping the love alive between you and your partner can be a bit of a challenge. One of the things that make a relationship stronger is how you can be comfortable and honest with each other. Although you have flaws and characteristics that annoy you more than you think it would, at the end of the day, you still love the other person with all your heart. Lucky for us, we got a chance to chat with one of the most loved couples in the showbiz scene! They have the same sense of humor which is probably one of the main reasons why they clicked so much!

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Of course, we're talking about the uber-sweet Toblerone ambassadors Solenn and Nico Bolzico who have been married since 2016. We know that just like us, you've been following this couple because of their Instagram prank videos and witty captions which never fail to make us laugh. And to get to know these two even more, we put them in a round of #ChalkChallenge where they play the Never Have I Ever game! From spying on exes online to forgetting to feed their pets, see which one is naughtier between this golden couple!

Video by Spotlight Creatives 

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