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#ChalkChallenge: Watch As MayMay Entrata Prank Calls Edward Barber!

#ChalkChallenge: Watch As MayMay Entrata Prank Calls Edward Barber!



Ever since she captivated our hearts as a Pinoy Big Brother housemate back in 2016, MayMay Entrata has blossomed right before our eyes without losing her authentic charm. People admired her for her hard work and perseverance, but most of all for the fact that her personality never changed. She is still the candidly endearing MayMay whom we've all come to love!

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That's why during our #ChalkLovesMayMay shoot, we invited her to play a #ChalkChallenge with us where she would have to do eight random challenges that would showcase her fun and witty side! From hopping on the "Chambe" dance craze to prank calling her partner-in-everything Edward Barber, watch the video below for a laugh trip with our favorite funny gal!

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