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Cheat Sheet: Five On-The-Go Pleasures That Instantly Add GV To A Day So Busy!

Cheat Sheet: Five On-The-Go Pleasures That Instantly Add GV To A Day So Busy!

As you read this, you’re probably on your way from one place to another. That’s how it is for someone always on the move. Perhaps you don’t get to indulge your pleasures as much as you’d like. But even busy bees can squeeze in a couple minutes of fun! Here are a few examples of on-the-go pleasures that can bring good vibes no matter how loaded your schedule is.

A delicious cup of joe. On-the-go peeps almost always start their day with coffee. If you don’t have time to drink it sitting down, just take it with you. As long as you own a tumbler that keeps the heat (or the cold, whichever you prefer) in properly, satisfying your caffeine fix won’t be a problem.

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Sitcoms. One episode usually lasts around 20 minutes and doesn’t require your undivided attention. You can watch your favorites on Netflix while you commute or as you’re running on the treadmill. How’s that for multi-tasking?

Podcasts. Murder mysteries, tales of adventure, history, sports, pop culture—with so many topics to choose from, it’s no wonder how podcasts gained their large following! Don’t know where to begin? Choose something that piques your interest and go from there. Hours of content await.

A great novel. If you’re always wrapped up, you must have amassed quite a number of unopened books. Instead of leaving them behind, bring them one by one wherever you’re going. Soon you’ll find yourself chipping away that backlog and transported to a different world all at the same time.

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A premium dessert. After a hard day’s work, you deserve to cool down with something premium. Indulge your decadent cravings with a dessert that takes pleasure seriously: Magnum. Each ice cream bar is expertly crafted with smooth velvety vanilla beans, cracking Belgian chocolate, and choice Almond slivers that provide the best possible crunch. With Magnum Almond, you’ll have one more way to indulge on the go.

Your days may always be busy, but never forget to have your daily dose of good vibes!

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