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Cheat Sheet: Five Ways To Up Your Game In 2019!

Cheat Sheet: Five Ways To Up Your Game In 2019!

New year, new you, right? We know that you can pull this off beyond January. The thing is, not every change or resolution has to be super serious or the stuff of self-help books. Sometimes you just have to be not as hard on yourself and live a little. Here, we’ll talk about how you can level up your life this new year to be your best self while having fun in the process.

Fire up your fitness. If you haven’t embarked on your fitness journey yet, know that it’s never too late. The best time to begin is now. Remember—you don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t have the budget for it. You can always exercise at home! Workouts like pilates, weight training, and martial arts will make you sweat and amp up your usual routine in a fun way. Looking for a fitspo, too? Check out how our Miss Universe 2019 keeps her bod pageant perfect!

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Elevate your experiences. We know that you have lofty career goals and whatnot, but what about your life goals? You know, experiences that make you feel alive? Fly to your dream destination. Watch your favorite musicians perform live. Both will be good for your soul. This year, don’t let bucket list items stay bucket list items if you have the chance to tick them off.

Spruce up your style. For the guys, keeping your style simple and subdued rather than going for something that screams “look at me” should do wonders. Wear monochrome either for casual or corporate looks—gray or navy blue works on everybody. For dressier occasions, top off your OOTD with a fail-safe sports blazer. For the ladies, these beauties can help you make this your most glowing year yet with their hair and skin care tips. If you’re looking for something wild to your hair, read this.

Never let up on learning. Whether or not you still go to school, don’t stop learning. The opportunities to add a new skill to your repertoire or learn a new language are endless. With information more readily available than ever and websites like Coursera offering free online courses, expanding your knowledge or skillset should be doable even if you’re on a tight budget.

Give in and go all the way when you indulge. Live a little, give in, and reward yourself more often. And if you’re going to indulge your urges and pleasures, don’t hold back—go all the way. Say you want a new phone. If you’re going to take pictures with it when you travel, binge on Netflix, and play your favorite mobile games, you might as well go for a phone lets you do so with ease...even if it means spending more for it. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, don’t settle for the first thing you see. Go premium and indulge on a dessert with the finest ingredients: Magnum. The ice cream bar is expertly crafted with uncompromising quality. Made with vanilla ice cream, cracking Belgian chocolate, and choice Almond slivers that produce the best possible crunch, Magnum knows what it means to take pleasure seriously!

This is going to be your year. Just keep at it and don’t forget to have fun while doing so. In 2019, take both your work—and your pleasures—seriously.

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