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Cheat Sheet: How To Mend Your Friendship After A Fall-Out

Cheat Sheet: How To Mend Your Friendship After A Fall-Out



As much as we hate to admit it, conflicts between friends is bound to happen at some point. It's all part of making your bond stronger and deeper than it was before. It's easy to imagine and believe that nothing can break you and your dear friend apart, but sometimes, unpredictable things just happen including your fall-out.

And if you're currently experiecing it now, don't worry because there are still things that you can do that can save your relationship. After all, a true friendship isn't about giving up on each other. Here, we list a few tips to get you and your soul sister to kiss and makeup stat!

1. Get to the root of your problem.

Whether it's a small or big argument, we're sure that there has been something said or done that made you two fall-out, and so think carefully about it. Is it really something that can be fixed with an apology or is it something that, unfortunately, will tarnish your friendship forever? Think about how it started and how it ended up to where you are now. Plus, you should also distinguish whose fault it is. It might be you, your friend, or both—either way, don't make any rash decisions from the first day of the fall out! 

2. Take a break from each other. 

Before you see each other again after the fall-out, it's best take a break from each other first. Give each other some space, but leave the door open if you want to revisit your friendship. May it be weeks or months, just make sure that you're both ready and have gotten a fresher perspective once you meet each other again. In the mean time, start hanging out with your other friends, so you won't feel alone. Plus, you can also get their take on the issue that you're currently facing! 

3. Discuss the situation.

After taking your much-needed time apart, the time will come that you two will need to face each other and talk about what happened in a calmer way. During this discussion, avoid putting the blame on your friend. It wouldn't go well if you don't let them explain their side first. Go and meet them knowing that you both have to give each other the benefit of the doubt. Don't worry if one conversation isn't enough for everything that you  both want to say because it's possible that it would take days or weeks to completely patch things up again. 

4. Be kind and move forward. 

Whatever happens, remain courteous to your friend and move forward. We're sure that being kind will make you feel better than acting bitter towards your friend. Be mature enough to accept your faults as well as their apology. Perhaps, it's just the universe's way of testing your friendship. Now, prove that you two can overcome any circumstance especially fights like this. Leaving everything that had happened in the past would help you build a better bond with them for the long run!

5. Show how much you appreciate them.

When everything has finally been said and done, start your friendship again with a loving heart. Completely end the tension by showing how much you're happy to have them in your life. Gestures like bringing them their favorite coffee or planning a movie date will show just how much they mean to you and how important your bond truly is. Of course, the most important thing is improving on yourself so you can be a better friend and strengthen your friendship!

After experiencing a fall-out, we're sure that we wouldn't want this to happen again. And that would only be possible if you and your friend would agree to keep it positive from now on. It's okay to have arguments from time to time because that's normal and healthy. But don't forget that, just like romantic relationships, your friendship should continuously make you feel happy, safe, and stress-free!

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