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Hot Stuff: 8 New Releases From Homegrown Acts For Your Daily Music Fix

Hot Stuff: 8 New Releases From Homegrown Acts For Your Daily Music Fix


Tired of the same old tunes in your playlist or last year’s overplayed songs on the radio? Here’s good news–with the beginning of the year comes a new set of fresh tracks from  our favorite local acts! Whether you’re an R&B lover or an alt-rock fan, these brand new music will have you bobbing your head as you sing along to their latest releases. Ready to update your playlist? Go have a listen to these artists!

BRWN. The band’s first single called “So Good” was released in November last year, but it continues to steadily climb up the popularity ladder with its smooth and groovy sound. Dance along to their track as the 4-piece band, made up of vocalist Max Antonio Guerero, guitarist Migs Raneses, keyboardist/bassist Oman Peradilla and drummer Stanley Seludo, inches their way to chill listeners who love a suave sound.

Over October

If your tear ducts go on overdrive every time you bring the volume up listening to their 2018 release called “Wait,” the four-year-old band’s newest song brings quite an opposite feeling. “Mr. Sun” is a warm, feel-good track that speaks of a different and deeper kind of love–the one that makes you feel right at home.

Wish Sticks

Play Wish Sticks’ first single called “Reflection” if you’re up for a rock melancholic ride. The song, which dropped earlier this month, is accompanied with a music video that takes you to a cinematic trip of emotions.


After waiting for LaLuna to officially come to Spotify, the blues/surf rock band finally found its way to the music platform just a few days ago. Go have a listen to crowd favorite “She’s Dangerous,” first up from LaLuna’s three current tracks.

Shirebound and Busking

Indie-folk artist Iego Tan collaborated with up-and-comer Bea Lorenzo for his newest single, “Annipot,” which was just launched on January 26. True to Shirebound and Busking’s core, we expect to hear another wistful track accompanied with lyrics that struck the inner parts of the heart.

Carousel Casualties

Carousel Casualties teamed up with Farewell Fairweather's vocalist Mic-Mic Manalo and keyboardist Gani Palabyab for their heartfelt offering, called "Always," released on January 25. It's said to be included in their upcoming album, so consider this a teaser for the record that the band is currently cooking up!

Assembly Generals

Salute to the electronic hip-hop group as they dropped their latest single called "Ligaw." The song was announced to be a part of Assembly General's second studio album Fatigue, to be launched on February 2.


The trio surprised fans with the release of their first album ClapClapClap!, a collection of songs that ultimately surmise the sound of the new IVOS. The 15-track record includes hits like "Bata, Dahan-Dahan!" and "In My Prison," but the newer pieces are gems worth listening to as well, such as "My Juliana," "Come Inside of My Heart," and "I'm A Butterfly."

Which of these tracks are going straight to your go-to playlist?

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