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In Focus: So, What Fuels Rising OPM Band Ben&Ben To Just Keep Ascending?

In Focus: So, What Fuels Rising OPM Band Ben&Ben To Just Keep Ascending?

With hit songs like “Maybe The Night,” “Leaves,” and “Kathang Isip,” it’s no surprise that rising OPM band Ben&Ben made it to Spotify’s list of most-streamed local artists in the country last year. As co-vocalist Miguel Guico feels overwhelmed by the folk-rock group’s emerging success, percussionist Andrew De Pano still finds it a bit crazy.

“When we were making these things, I don’t think any of us really thought super big of it. We were really happy with what we’ve created but it’s the sheer overwhelming feeling that so many people were able to resonate with that feeling of loving our music as much as we love what we created,” Andrew said at the kick-off event of the So Worth It: The Yellow Cab Pizza Tour at Eastwood Central Plaza. These are moments he can neither get used to nor foresee, he added. “It’s a huge blessing. It’s such a magical thing we create out of our love for putting out these messages and our love for each other like literal na love for each other. It’s cheesy but it’s all true.” The band member could only turn out grateful for having reached important milestones with Ben&Ben. “Just the act of creation with each other through music and for people to enjoy that through Spotify, through the streams, through everything, sobrang crazy niyang feeling. We’re really thankful for this.” 

Being in a group of nine artists, co-vocalist Paolo Guico revealed, comes with its fair share of challenges. “I think it’s understandable na that first, one can imagine kung  gaano  kami  kagulo  dahil  ang  dami  namin.” Despite this, he shared that it all goes smoothly through a number of jam sessions as Andrew likened it to the process of cooking. “You can make a person make a meal that would be fine to follow our recipe but when nine people are cooking a single meal and they all kind of know what’s going on with the recipe and they can help naman, it will be a smoother process when you have more people getting the ingredients and suggesting something else.” Miguel could only add, “Kapag nag-cre-create kami, parang flowing process siya. Syempre, hindi naman laging okay siya  sa lahat ng pagkakataon pero yung mga hindi okay, eventually nage-gets kung bakit hindi okay and why there’s a better idea up until we come up with the best song we could make.”

True enough, almost every Ben&Ben song we hear only leaves us wanting more, and to say we're excited to see more of them in the music scene this 2019 is an understatement. “We’re going to announce soon. Everyone will know what our plans for the year are but there are a lot siguro  na teaser for the songs pero stand by for future announcements. The near future,” Miguel teased, saying that they are also opening their doors to collabs with emerging acts. “Sometimes, the most interesting collaborations ay yung mga bagay na hindi mo pina-plano so we’ll see what happens.”

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