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In Focus: Penn Badgley & Shay Mitchell On What True Love Isn't And How To Set Social Media Limits

In Focus: Penn Badgley & Shay Mitchell On What True Love Isn't And How To Set Social Media Limits


Don't you just love how woke our shows have become? Take iWant TV show Glorious, which tackles the struggles of older women dating younger men, or the Kapamilya serye Kadenang Ginto, discussing family, teenhood, and rivalries. And then just recently there's also Netflix's You, which shows how fatal cyber-stalking can be in a digitally-driven society, a key message we would find shaking our own subconscious, sometimes aggressive voyeuristic desires. 

"Everybody is calling it a love story, and it’s not. It’s a tragedy," says Penn Badgley, who plays the anti-hero Joe Goldberg (A.K.A. the murderous version of his Gossip Girl character Dan Humphrey) on You. On Twitter, he expressively discourages people to see his character as the dreamy, romantic, I-would-do-anything-for-you kind of guy. During his recent visit here in the Philippines with co-star Shay Mitchell where we got to talk to the show's stars, he dismisses Joe's "love" for Beck as merely “falling in lust, infatuation, and all of these things when you're just intoxicated with having met somebody new."

And that's not true love. Saying one would do anything for love carries its exemptions, harming others included. That's just downright selfish and disturbing. "True love is the kind of thing that means that you make sacrifices. But you don’t sacrifice people, you know?" he says.

Another point to be discussed is the use of social media. It's easy to become a target especially when our whereabouts can be easily accessible on the internet. In these times when instant updates are the trend and FOMO is a real deal, how can you protect yourself from the Joes of the world?

Shay, who plays Peach Salinger in the series, says, "We are using social media to put out our interests and dislikes, to get into relationships or to meet people, to prove a point and to show where we stand politically. We’re using it as a tool and people can relate to that wherever they are in the world."

While it's true that the Internet has been a great help in improving our lives, it costs very little to shield yourself from the dangers that comes with its use. As a celebrity, of course, Shay herself keeps her followers updated on her life, but only to a certain degree. She abides by her rules: one, to never post about where she is at the moment, and two, to not put anything out there that she doesn't feel comfortable talking about. "Because then, why are you putting out there?" she argues.

The bottomline is: try to be more cautious and smart about posting your life on social media. As Shay discloses, "You never know who’s watching so just watch out for your own protection or safety." And that's all the reminder that we need to hear.

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