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Now Showing: 'Sakaling Maging Tayo' Dares You To Experience The Unadulterated McLisse 'Kilig!'

Now Showing: 'Sakaling Maging Tayo' Dares You To Experience The Unadulterated McLisse 'Kilig!'

Sakaling Maging Tayo is Black Sheep’s first offering for 2019 and is the much-anticipated debut film for the love team of McCoy De Leon and Elisse Joson. Poised to satisfy the kilig cravings of the McLisse fandom, it's also the sophomore film of director JP Habac of I’m Drunk, I Love You,’ which has garnered quite a cult following. His distinct filmmaking flavor is still quite evident in this one. But first let’s break down the film’s highlights and see if it’s worth a watch.

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We gotta start off with the undeniable chemistry of McCoy and Elisse, which just proves why they are one of the hottest up and coming tandems to date. Seeing them on the big screen just magnifies their natural rapport, which for me, seeing them on the big screen for the first time, is surprisingly delightful to watch. Consider me now part of the fandom. +3

I gotta admit, though, for some people—particularly my age group—this film may feel a little too teenybopper-ish. Its premise revolves around finishing mindless dares from a strawberry-shaped pouch. It may also be paced a bit slowly during the first act. Good thing the tandem had so much chemistry it does prolong one's patience and adds to the enjoyment! -2

Set in Baguio with a timeline from dusk till dawn, it presents the milieu in a fresh perspective, showing audiences who do not frequent the Philippines’s summer capital new sights to see and evening hangouts to visit on our next trip there. +2

I gotta admit it’s my first time to see Elisse portray something meatier than what you see in her ads, and she is definitely more than just a pretty face. Her character Laya is a tough one to play but I believe she did fairly well. It’s pretty challenging to portray a turmoiled young woman that a lot of adolescent girls can relate to. +1

McCoy, on the other hand, I’ve been a fan of since I saw his performance in ToFarm's Instalado. For a newbie, he is able to carry the film as its lead and showed a lot of promise. His performance in this movie, though in a much lighter role, is no different as he perfectly embodies the both innocent and naive Pol. He does not rely on just his boyish charms, but also has his acting chops to back up his looks. +3

And of course we have the main characters’ sounding boards a.k.a. their barkada, two of which are the stereotypical comic reliefs. I find it interesting that Pol’s best friend is gay. I’m just not too keen on his styling for that night, though! +1

From L-R: Paulo Angeles, Milo Elmido, Jr., McCoy De Leon, Elisse Joson and Chai Fonacier

The hip soundtrack makes you search for it on Spotify right after watching the film. Good thing, the playlist is readily available for you to put on replay. Of course, the film’s theme—Johnoy Danao’s version of Session Road’s "Suntok Sa Buwan"—is a top pick. My personal fave, however, is the original track, "Di Mo Na Kailangan Pang Malaman" by Davey Langit with a version by Markus, who then plays Laya’s douchebag singer boyfriend. +3

What seems mundane and elementary in its plot at first becomes layered as the film progressed. Along with the kilig it brings are some very essential growing up lessons that are imparted to our adolescent audiences, wrapped in a non-preachy entertaining package. This makes the film even more worth while watching! +2

If you’ve seen I’m Drunk, I Love You, you’ll get what I mean when I say that this film again ended in JP Habac’s signature final film sequence. This is one of the reasons why you should not miss out on catching this flick! +3

With a total of 16 points and as sweet as the kilig that this film is actually all about, Sakaling Maging Tayo serves its purpose as it brings exactly just that. Not bad at all for a debut film for the McLisse love team. Up next for Black Sheep is Alone/Together starring LizQuen. Now let’s see how much of a black sheep this next film in their roster would be!

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