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Fitness Inspo: Holiday 'Gainz' Got Stuck? Let These Celebs Join You In Bringing Sexy Back This 2019!

Fitness Inspo: Holiday 'Gainz' Got Stuck? Let These Celebs Join You In Bringing Sexy Back This 2019!

Keep reading if you're like me who during Christmas break lets go in every sense of the word. December is such a good year to not work out, just because of most of the people around are on pigout mode just the same. There's nary a second during the holiday season to feel insecure about your shape—and then January happens. Instances of self-loathing would eventually start peaking. (Sometimes, it would continue all the way to summer.)

On the second Wednesday of the year at the Manila Polo Club track, I would find myself surrounded by actual demigods a.k.a. celebrities experiencing the same non-demigod-ly problems. Say, in time for this post-holiday break, a gut that just won't go away. I joined the celebs and other media personalities in listening to H&M Sport-sponsored champion triathlete and coach Ani De Leon-Brown discuss the basics of running. She spoke of the technical stuff of the sport as if it would get us trying the sport competitively. Yet, it somehow worked—her lessons delivered in this mild, motherly tone with the January breeze blowing our faces got our non-runner selves very, very curious about running.

Later, I'd chat again with the celeb guests to ask how they're attempting to switch back to #beastmode both at the gym and kitchen. (Read further below if you want some star-approved, New-Year-New-Me fitness hacks!) Of all the things they said, I got one thing they might have agreed on without noticing—that regrets are none, and discipline will always be key!

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Bela Padilla: "Oh, the holiday fat is still there! I haven’t lost it yet! But I just recently returned to indoor cycling again (since) there’s a studio really near my house. It’s about kilometer away, so just walk it off. I do one class and then walk back home... I’ve recently returned to muay thai, too!"

David Guison: "I actually started doing intermittent fasting for the past week, super okay sya. I’ve research a lot like yung mga keto diet, mga ganon. So far, itong intermittent does really work for me—at nakakatipid pa ako kasi ‘di ako kumakain ng 16 hours! Ha ha! It really teaches me discipline, as I start the year right... As a blogger, gusto mo rin mag-set ng example na parang dapat nahihirapan ka rin talaga—na di lang dapat may mga parts ng year na summer-ready. Dapat whole year, di ba?"

Vina Guerrero: "Well, for the past years, I didn't really work out ‘cause yung metabolism ko is fast. But since I’m turning 25, nag-i-start na mag-build yung fats, so I’m trying to work out at least once a week. I think I'd want Flyweight!"

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Laureen Uy: "I’m still doing the same workout—muay thai—but I inject a few extra workouts in between, like basketball. I’m also open to trying football now and also I wanna run more... One thing I always say is to never stop learning no matter what age you are, its always important to realize that you always have to learn. If you stop learning ,you stop growing. 

Lharby Policarpio: "I’m doing muay thai for almost two years now. Right after the holiday season, around January 1 or 2, pumunta na ako ng gym para mag-muay thai. I also hit the gym din as my 'rest' from muay thai... I also do a lot of cardio for stamina... I work out at a gym hub in UST that has muay thai, taekwondo, and a weights! As for my diet, I actually don’t eat rice! I'm more on wheat bread and peanut butter."

Lissa Kahayon: "Kami ni (Laureen), we’ve been doing a lot of boxing and conditioning!"

Tim Yap: "I’m back to my keto-vegetarian food and I run twice a week. On Tuesdays, I run in the village and Thursdays here at Manila Polo Club with a running group na super inspiring! I do run with Kim Atienza and Anne especially if they have marathons."

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