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Into the Wild and the Three Ways You Can Help

Into the Wild and the Three Ways You Can Help

These days we’re seeing more and more waves of people getting out of their office cubicles or escaping the four corners of their classrooms to fully experience whatever the outdoors have to offer. And since, it has always been one thing to explore, another thing to stop and appreciate it, and then another to think about ways to preserve it—not just for ourselves or our photo albums, but for others to enjoy it as well.

Now more than travel itinerary plans, we should also be equally able to talk about going into the wild and asking ourselves what we can do more. Sure, you’ve walked the trail, witnessed the eagles soar, but it can’t be all there is to it. What can you do now to make sure the younger generations can get to experience the same wonder that you have?

These three ways to help are simple to be honest, but sometimes we just need to brush up on the basics to be reminded how we can pay it forward.



You can search for any organization that supports and aligns with the same causes as yours. Do you like whales? Dolphins? Eagles? If you have spare money and would like to take care of them and their needs without actually having to look after them physically round the clock, then your best option is to donate.

Sometimes though, it doesn’t necessarily have to be money. Donations can come in kind so long as they help with the needs of your chosen institution.



You may or may not have previously heard about being able to adopt an eagle. But you can. Dennis Salvador, Philippine Eagle Foundation’s (PEF) executive director says, “This (eagle adoption) has been going on since 1988 when we started our work here mainly because we don’t have government support. And to help raise money for keeping the species here and continuing to do breeding work, we hatch on a plan to have the eagles adopted by individuals and companies and that’s how the Adopt an Eagle program came about.”

Just a few weeks ago, a campaign was also launched to save our eagles dubbed as “CEBourEagles” by the airline company, Cebu Pacific Air. A 13-year old Philippine Eagle named Mindanao, also considered as the Eagle Ambassador for Education, was symbolically turned over by PEF to Cebu Pacific Air for adoption.

Michelle Eve de Guzman, the company’s marketing communications manager shares, “Our objective really would be to encourage everyone to help and do their part when it comes to the conservation efforts of the Philippine eagle. The main goal of the adoption is to take care of Mindanao, to also support PEF in their conservation efforts… to add to the discussion because the more people know more about the importance of Philippine eagles in our ecosystem, in our country then more help can come in, more support can come in for the foundation also.”



Whether it’s rendering your special talents or skills, you can always volunteer your time and services for a greater cause. It can be as simple as putting your wealth of social media followers to good use by helping out in information dissemination or preparing simple language lessons for children at a local community.

The most important thing here is that, when you take away a piece of beauty or anything from a place that you visited, remind yourself to do something nice and give something back.





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