House Pegs: How to Design Your Own PBB-ish Home

House Pegs: How to Design Your Own PBB-ish Home

The most awaited Big Night marks the end of another overwhelming journey of our adored Pinoy Big Brother housemates. Yet we cannot seem to get enough of their stories. The drama, intrigues, blossoming love stories – we’ll miss those. Big time.

But aside from the compelling real life issues of the housemates, let’s spell out the reasons why the house itself captured our attention since day one and how much we wanted our own spaces to look like one.

Never a dull moment

Aside from Kuya’s tricky tasks, what adds up to the enjoyment of the viewers is the lively aura of the house. With fancy colors and playful geometrical patterns adorned all over its walls, one might find it hard to keep his eyes off the screen. Wear your artsy hat and play with your imagination! Bring out the fiesta feels of your house and start repainting it with bright colors and please, say goodbye to that old white wallpaper of yours.

The house is inviting us

Obviously, the housemates could not leave the cozy confines of the house. Take out those big and fluffy pillows hidden somewhere in your own storage room and start placing it wherever it fits. Make your visitors completely feel at home and let them sit, roll over and sleep wherever they want to be.

Instagram-worthy space


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We absolutely wonder how many times these housemates regret why they can’t post their home’s photo on Instagram. From the sorbetes table up to the jeepney stand in the living room - guys, each corner clearly defines the word photogenic! Good thing you can fill your Instagram account with views like these if you can achieve its look. Be resourceful and turn that once unused dozens of glass bottles into plant pots. Decorate those big boxes into tables. You can actually turn anything under the sun into something unique but useful house ornament.

Kuya may close his doors for months but that doesn’t mean that the PBB fever needs to take its rest as well. Apart from living the lessons you’ve learned from PBB 737 housemates, why not make your house mirror the PBB house as well?

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