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In Focus: 6 Skincare Resolutions We're Swearing By This 2019

In Focus: 6 Skincare Resolutions We're Swearing By This 2019


It wasn't so long ago when we all swore by the mantra "Clear Skin 2018." But a full year later, some of us may have ended up going back to our lazy habits and having the same skin problems we began with. Well, as much as we all need some scolding for failing to give our skin the proper care it deserves, we suggest we immediately pick up where we left off and start taking due action instead.

So in the spirit of the New Year, let's kick things off by hitting the refresh button and reconciling with our forgotten skincare goals, shall we? Here at, we promise to make 2019 our most glowing year yet, so here are our resolutions!

"In 2018, I was able to discover a simple routine that worked for me. But in the latter part of the year, I found myself getting lazier and lazier to do all the steps especially during nighttime. I also forgot to replenish my empties right away which contributed to my tendency to miss crucial steps in my routine. So this year, I swear to be strictly committed to my routine and responsibly refresh my skincare stash!" - Madel Asuncion, Content Editor

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"This is a terrible confession for me to make, but I have a very bad habit of foregoing moisturizer in my skin care routine. This 2019, no matter how tired or rushed I am, I want to take better care of moisturizing my face, neck, hands, and body, so it doesn’t end up biting me later." - Red Dimaandal, Conrtibuting Writer

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"The number 1 rule of skincare is to use sunscreen every single day-even if it's raining, even when the sun's not out, and even if you're not leaving the house. I tried to do this last year but I really don't like how it feels on my skin. This 2019, I promise to wear sunscreen every day, no matter what! Because what's the point of going through the whole 10-step routine if you leave out the most important step?" - Andi Cabiling, Social Media Consultant

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"My skincare resolution for 2019 is summed up in three words: Always. Double. Cleanse!" - Jacque Ignacio, Brand Manager

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"It has always been a struggle for me to use a face mask twice a week. Honestly, I can’t event do it once a week. There would be times that when I'm already done using my moisturizer, then just immediately sleep. It’s funny because I have a ton of face masks at home. I even have the Aztec Healing Clay Mask, but I haven’t use half of it yet, and it has almost been a year since I bought it! That’s why this year I want to make it a habit to use a face mask twice a week since I know how it would help detoxify my skin and clean out pores from all the dirt I get from wearing makeup everyday." - Almira Blancada, Content Producer

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"2018 was a rollercoaster ride for me. Because I was too occupied with what's happening in my life, I used to forget to put on some face mask every week (even if I have a lot of it.) This year, I have to make sure to give my skin some extra love and spare a little time for it. Plus, it makes me feel pampered, too, so it's best to put it on after a long, tiring week!" - Mikka Caronan, Art Director

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From turning a bad day around to practicing self-love, taking time for your skin can surely go a long way. Have you thought about your skincare resolutions yet? Here's to finally showering your skin with all the love it deserves! Glow, gurl!

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