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In Focus: Welcome The New Year With Your Most Radiant Glow!

In Focus: Welcome The New Year With Your Most Radiant Glow!

In the Philippines, we always welcome the New Year with a bang—that one night when we stay out later than usual to see fireworks light up the night sky! But with these fancy displays come pollution, which is harmful for you in more ways than one. Yes, you may not out igniting those fireworks, but you—and your skin, in particular—are still at risk.

Your skin and smog

How exactly does pollution harm your skin and diminish your glow? As smoke or smog can penetrate deep into your skin and accumulate inside your skin and clog pores over time, these same pollutants can cause long-term damage and darkening of the skin cells. To counter this, your skin naturally produces melanin, resulting to even darker skin! 

The cold may not bother you, but your skin is still at risk

And oh, don’t think that just because it’s cold during the holiday season, your skin is safe from the elements. The sun still radiates harmful UV rays and pollution never goes on vacation. Despite the chilly weather, all these still cause damage to your skin.

Protect your glow

Make your skin pollution-proof with Vaseline Sun + Pollution Protection and shield your skin from sun damage and pollutants! It comes with Pollution Protection Formula and has microdroplets of Vaseline Jelly that keep your skin moisturized. It also contains Vitamin B3 for a healthier and more radiant glow. Stay white, moisturized, and protected with Vaseline PPF!

2019 is yours. So welcome the New Year with skin that’s whiter, healthier, moisturized, and protected. Start the year the way you deserve to—with a radiant glow!

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