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In Focus: 9 Things We Can't Wait To See In Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour Docu-Film

In Focus: 9 Things We Can't Wait To See In Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour Docu-Film


On her 29th birthday, queen of pop Taylor Swift revealed the Reputation Stadium Tour documentary is on its way and is slated to stream on Netflix on December 31 at 12:01am. See what she did there? We guess we won't be just cleaning up bottles on New Year's day, huh?

Sadly, the Reputation Tour didn't reach our shores. So if you're a die-hard Swiftie who always wanted to witness what went down in Taylor's concert, then this is as close as you can get. What are you looking forward to see in the film? Here's our list!

The preparation for the tour
We all know that Taylor is one of the most meticulous and professional performers of her generation. Everything is well-thought out. Before the spectacle, we'd love to see what it took for Taylor and her crew to build us a pop fantasy like no other.

The outfits
We’ve browsed through photos and clips of the tour on Taylor's IG feed, but they ain't enough. From her sparkly body suits to her fringed getups, her wardrobe is full of sassy yet killer pieces that we can't wait to see in full action!

The backstage scenes

Taylor Swift, as much as she is a perfectionist, she is also a dork and a prankster. We’re excited to see her rapport with her team and how much fun she’s having behind the scenes. Whether she's getting tensed or simply hanging out, we'd love to see Taylor as raw as possible backstage!

The setlist
Although anyone can Google this, you cannot predict which show was filmed. During each show, she comes out with a surprise song from her past album for fans to eat up, and we're excited to know which track made it to the documentary. We’re crossing fingers for "All Too Well"!

The poetry
She'a a stellar lyricist, we all know that. But have you seen the poems she projects in her tours? Whenever she's having an interlude, she leaves her poetry on screen for all her fans to see. She actually teased some in the trailer, and we're all for it!

The guest performers
During this tour, she brought Camila Cabello and Charli XCX, and Taylor said that she enjoyed this tour more because of the talented ladies she toured with. Now we want to see their on-fire performances on stage and their sisterly love backstage! We live for queens supporting queens!

Taylor and Joe moments
Being the private couple that they are, Taylor and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn are rarely seen together. We respect that, but as fans, seeing snippets of them will surely melt our hearts! Here’s to hoping that Joe makes a surprise appearance in this film, because, seriously, this ship needs water.

Taylor’s message to her fans
Everyone knows how much Swifties are important to the queen herself. She’s always been grateful for everything that the fans have done for her and her entire career. We know Taylor will dedicate this whole documentary to all of us, and we know we will cry the moment she pours her heart out for us on stage.

Taylor’s cats
You're not a true Swiftie if you're not a fan of her cats, too! Do you think that Taylor's feline friends Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey were with her during her tour? We sure hope so!

What else are you most excited to see on this much-awaited special? Make sure to stay tuned on December 31st! Call it what you want, but this is the 2018 end game we all need!

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