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Project: Standout Smile

Project: Standout Smile


What’s behind the most captivating smile? Here’s a foolproof guide to elevate your most endearing asset:

WHITE TEETH. The most crucial component of a beautiful smile, white teeth are best achieved and maintained through proper care—from brushing, flossing, gargling, and regular visits to your dentist. Follow this daily routine when it comes to taking care of your teeth:

1. Rinse your mouth with cold water to remove loose dirt on and in between your teeth.

2. Floss—gently please, so you don’t make your gums bleed—before you brush.

3. Using a toothbrush with a soft head (hard ones are a no-no because they damage enamel), brush your teeth (that includes cleaning your tongue) for two minutes. Hit two birds with one stone by using toothpaste that not only cleanses and strengthens your teeth, but also whitens them. 

GOOD BREATH. Glistening white teeth will be for naught if you’ve got bad breath. Your all-natural BFFs for fresh breath? Veggies, fresh fruits, and water—healthy living still wins even in the standout smile game. Steer clear of sodas and bottled sports drinks because they’re preserved using citric acid which contributes to bad breath; also reduce your coffee intake because of its high acid content. For hourly breath refreshers, keep some mints handy in your bag.

EVEN SMILE. Want instant sparkly and whiter teeth? There’s a wide variety of laser teeth whitening treatments available in the market today, but do make sure to go to a reputable dental clinic for best results. GAOC Dental President Dr. Steve Mark Gan, who advocates the preservation of natural teeth, considers caps and implants his last resort and only if whitening enhancements just don’t quite cut it anymore. If you’re insecure of your uneven smile, there’s actually a laser gum treatment to reshape and lift gums. This procedure, available at GAOC, is used to correct minor amounts of excessive gum tissue to improve its overall appearance.

SMOOTH LIPS AND MOUTH AREA. Laugh lines are inevitable, but they don’t need to look horrible. Sun exposure and smoking are two things that make these lines deeper, so slather on sunblock around your mouth at all times and ditch that cig already—it’s better for your health in general, ayway. Antioxidant-rich foods such as berries, walnuts, carrots, and broccoli will also help minimalize those lines so eat away. Don’t forget to swipe on lip balm to avoid dryness on your pout and slough off dead skin cells.

MEGAWATT LIPPIES. You’ve done all of the above, now comes the fun part: Boosting your smile even further. Choose hardworking lipsticks a.k.a lippies that do not only provide color, but also nourish your lips and bring out the best in your smile.


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Originally published in Metro’s October 2015 issue. Article by Katrina A. Angco, photograph courtesy of Clinique. Follow Metro on Instagram and Twitter and like their official Facebook page.




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