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In Focus: 5 Celebs Who Are Proud EXO Fans Just Like Us!

In Focus: 5 Celebs Who Are Proud EXO Fans Just Like Us!



With the release of their title track "Love Shot", EXO remains in the god tier of K-pop's best acts. From chart-topping tunes to viral fancams, the internet is abuzz with all things EXO. And we can't blame anyone because these boys serve topnotch visuals, world-class releases, and untouchable talent. Yup, that's our inner EXO-L speaking, but it doesn't make our claims any less true!

And because EXO is currently making waves in the hallyu scene as they've always been, we're not the only ones noticing and falling for their fierce charm! It seems that even celebs like Anne Curtis and Bela Padilla are attracted to EXO as much as we are! Scroll down and check out the five celebrities who are not only K-pop fans, but proud EXO-Ls, too!

1. Anne Curtis

From live tweeting during EXO's The ElyXion Concert in Manila last April 2018 to singing the group's songs randomly anywhere, Anne might be the cutest celebriy fangirl ever! We're even obsessed with her series of fangirling tweets about EXO because it's just so relatable. It's no secret that she's a huge Hallyu fan. And her love for EXO started when she found out that EXO's Chanyeol sang "Stay With Me," the soundtrack to her favorite K-drama Goblin. She even covered the song in one of her own concerts!

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2. Vice Ganda

It's Showtime host Vice Ganda has always been vocal about his adoration for K-pop. From OG groups like BIGBANG to third generation ones like EXO, Vice is a huge fan to the point that they became his inspirations in his everyday life! Besides having his own go-to EXO playlist, he's a fan of their style, too! That's why when EXO's member Baekhyun launched his own fashion brand Privé by BBH last July 2018, Vice is one of the first few stars that we saw rocking Baekhyun's street-inspired unisex pieces. This is a win-win situation for Vice since he can stay true to his personal style while supporting one of his favorite K-pop groups!

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3. Jameson Blake

One of the things that led to EXO's success is their perfectly choreographed moves that look so smooth yet so hard to dance along to. And this might be the reason why Hashtag member and actor Jameson Blake loves EXO to the core! Jameson enjoys uploading dance covers of EXO songs online like "Growl" and "Ko Ko Bop," and fans noticed how he never misses a single beat while following the group's iconic dance steps. Since then, EXO-Ls have welcomed him to the fandom, even retweeting some of his tweets whenever he's spazzing over his favorite member Kai. He also attended their Exo'rdium concert in Manila last February 2017 with his EXO-L buddy Iñigo Pascual. 

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4. Bela Padilla

We're not sure when Bela Padilla started becoming an EXO-L, but we're gladly welcoming her with open arms! It was just last week when fans saw that she's following an EXO hashtag on Instagram along with her other favorite K-drama actors and actresses. This was also the time when she reposted Kai's  viral solo performance in SBS Gayo Daejun captioning it with "how?" Seriously, how is it possible that a talented and handsome guy like Kai exists? She also uploaded a "Love Shot" dance cover on her Instagram story recently! It looks like she has completely fallen for EXO's sexy concept. Same, Bela, same!

5. Inigo Pascual

As performer himself, it's no surprise that Inigo is a true blue EXO fanboy! He had always been vocal about his admiration towards K-pop and had always been inspired as an artist to thrive in his singing career just like how his favorite Korean idols do. That's why to show his appreciaton and utterly adorable fanboy side, he posted a cover of EXO's song "Sing For You" and even plays their music videos on MYX from time to time. The sad thing, though, is that he tweeted last year that he decided not to share his thoughts about K-pop online anymore because of "toxic" fans who seem to had been criticizing his opinions.

We do hope that we learn to be more open and welcoming towards celebrities who enjoy spazzing over their favorite groups online without the fear of being judged. EXO and EXO-Ls are a one big happy and supportive family, and we're sure that these local celebs are proud to be a part of it, too! Now, with EXO's successful comeback, we're excited to see more baby EXO-Ls joining the fandom soon! 

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