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Staff Picks: 5 Series That Pulled Us Deeper Into The K-Drama Hole This 2018

Staff Picks: 5 Series That Pulled Us Deeper Into The K-Drama Hole This 2018


By now, we've all accepted that there's no escaping the K-drama craze. And just like every other Filipino millennial, we at are no stranger to the irresistible charm of our favorite oppas and unnies who can bring a surge of kilig like no other.

This year, we've spazzed, teared up, and rejoiced over a new batch of K-dramas that we couldn't stop binge-watching whether we're sitting in Manila traffic or staying up all night on a weekday. In case you're planning to do a marathon this holiday break, we've shortlisted the best series of 2018 for your viewing pleasure!

1. 100 Days My Prince

Cast: Do Kyungsoo, Nam Jihyun

Airing Dates: Sept. 10-Oct. 30

Quick Recap: Set in the Joseon era, Crown Prince Lee Yool wakes up in small provincial village after being ambushed by assassins while on his way to a rain ritual. Losing his memory, Lee Yool lives as Wondeuk and marries a girl named Hongshim. Both having secret identities, Wondeuk and Hongshim soon find themselves unraveling mysteries that surround the palace as well as the real history between them.

Why We Love It: "This is the first sageuk (historical drama) I've watched, and it unexpectedly got me hooked. What completely reeled me in is how Wondeuk's character is comically similar to EXO's Kyungsoo's personality in real life! I was skeptic about the cliche amnesia plot, but this drama delivered in terms of how Wondeuk tried to find his identity and unconsciously built a lasting relationship with Hongshim and the rest of the villagers whom he got to live with. #OHO!" - Madel, Senior Content Editor

2. Encounter

Cast: Song Hye Kyo, Park Bo Gum

Airing Dates: Nov. 28-Present



Quick Recap: Free-sprited Jin Hyuk and hotelier Soo Hyun meet by chance in Cuba and spend a day together, knowing that they won't be seeing each other again in Seoul. However, fate brings them together again as Jin Hyuk becomes an employee in Soo Hyun's hotel. With prying eyes and controversies surrounding them, the two can't resist finding comfort in each other's company.

Why We Love It: "Considering that this is Hye Kyo's K-drama comeback after her wedding, I thought I should give it a try, especially with Bo Gum starring as her leading man. Soo Hyun's character has too many walls built around her, but the way Jin Hyuk breaks through them with his effortless warmth and honey-like smile is so endearing! I know that this show is still on-going, but trust me when I say that you'll be missing out if you don't catch up!" - Madel, Senior Content Editor

3. The Miracle We Met

Cast: Kim Myung-min, Kim Hyun-joo, Ra Mi-ran, Kim Hwan-hee, Kim Jongin

Airing Dates: Apr. 2- May 29

Quick Recap: Two compeletely contrasting men with the same name dies on the same day. Through a mishap by the God of Death Ato, one's soul is resurrected but wakes up in the other's body. The Song Hyun Chul who survived has to live as a different person and becomes the head of two families.

Why We Love It: "This is not like other popular dramas with a rom-com theme. I honestly watched this only because EXO's Kai plays Ato who turns out to be the finest grim reaper in all of K-drama history (Sorry, Lee Dong Wook, I'm biased.) But even though the main characters were older and there was no teeny-bopper kilig, I found myself being attached to the heartfelt story of this series. After all the dramatic twists and turns throughout, the ending was a perfect miracle, as the title suggests." - Madel, Senior Content Editor

4. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Cast: Cha Eunwoo, Im Soo Hyang, Joo Woori

Airing Dates: Jul. 27 - Sept. 15

Quick Recap: Kang Mi Rae undergoes plastic surgery right before she enters college to start anew. She meets Do Kyung Seok, the school heartthrob, who makes her realize that physical appearances don't matter as much as she thought it does. 

Why We Love It: "Aside from the obviously attractive main oppa, this drama taught us that you can never please everyone, that they will always find something negative to say about you because people have different perceptions of beauty. What’s important is that you are happy with yourself and you know in your heart that you are beautiful that should be enough to love yourself even more." - Miggy, Content Producer

5. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Cast: Park Seo Joon, Park Min Young

Airing Dates: Jun. 6 - Jul. 26

Quick Recap: Probably the most popular drama of the year, this story revolves around Vice Chairman Lee Young Joon and his trusty secretary Kim Mi So. Because of Young Joon's narcisstic qualities, Secretary Kim resigns after working for him for nine years, and it seems that he's never ready to let her go.

Why We Love It: "What I liked about this series is the impeccable chemistry of Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young. This is not your typical "rich business man falls in love with his damsel in distress secretary." The supporting cast is also excellent, keeping the witty workplace banter and their office romance funny and entertaining. I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for a feel-good rom-com series–light on the plot, heavy on kilig!" - Jacque, Associate Brand Manager

Which of these dramas pulled you deeper into the K-hole this year? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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