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Travel Like a Star

Travel Like a Star

It’s getting colder. Halloween is over. We all know what it means. It's Christmas time!

We always look forward to those days where we can take time off and celebrate with our loved ones. What’s a better way to spend a holiday? If you have enough means to splurge, why not take a vacation in breathtaking spots around the world, just like our gorgeous celebs?

Anne Curtis, Enrique Gil, and Julia Barretto know exactly where to go to relax and unwind. Have a glimpse of their past travels and do not forget to add these destinations to your travel list.


Travel Spot #1: Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris

The infamous Love Locks can be found along this bridge in Paris where lovers attach locks with their names written on it to ‘secure’ their relationship with their loved one. Even Anne Curtis did not wanna miss this place wen she traveled to Austria (although she did not mention if she left a lock).

However, just this June 2015, the locks were removed because it triggered the collapse of one of the railings. This goes to show that many hope for a happily-ever-after. Who doesn’t anyway? The locks were replaced with wooden boards designed with graffiti art.

Locks no more. But nevertheless, love endures.


Travel Spot #2: Schloss Schombrunn Palace, Austria

It is a former imperial palace of the country's past monarchs. Its vast gardens, baroque architechture, and sculptures never fail to amaze tourists making it the most famous travel spot in Austria.


Whether you like history or not, you will enjoy the beauty and historical relevance of this place just like what Anne Curtis and boyfriend Erwann Heausaff did. Who can say history can’t be romantic?


Travel Spot #3: Vancouver, Canada

This urban city is surrounded by splendid nature, architecture, and landscapes. If you wish for sweater weather with snow-capped mountains, this place is perfect for you.


Enriques Gil explored Vancouver and enjoyed the view of its snow-capped mountains. He even took a picture with the actual Batmobile.



Travel Spot #4: Tokyo, Japan

Cherry blossoms, ramen, Hello Kitty, anime--I’m sure we all know where to find those. Yes, Japan. But aside from those mentioned, there are still a lot of fun facts and travel destinations to know and explore in this awesome country.


Just look at how Julia Barretto’s photos testify of how beautiful Tokyo is. Who says sidewalks and streets can’t be appealing?






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