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In Focus: Here's Why All Vehicle Owners Must Have Car Insurance

In Focus: Here's Why All Vehicle Owners Must Have Car Insurance

Owning a car, or any type of motor vehicle for that matter, is considered a milestone. While not too many things in life can bring you the satisfying freedom like a car does, motorists often overlook the responsibilities that come with it—particularly car insurance. It may seem like another expense from the get-go, but a number of Filipinos only realize how important it is when it's too late. Dealing with vehicular accidents and repairs is no joke, considering how much it can take out from your hard-earned savings. To hopefully spare you from these, here are some very important reasons why you and every vehicle owner must have car insurance.

Getting coverage for car repairs. Meeting an accident is not uncommon on the road. If your vehicle sustains serious damages, repair costs can be shouldered by insurance.

Having your vehicle replaced. If your vehicle is damaged beyond repair, or if repairs will cost as much as purchasing a new vehicle, all the necessary costs will be taken care of.

Protection from theft. In the awful event that your vehicle is stolen (or if at least just some parts of it were) the cost for your vehicle, or its stolen parts will be covered.

Coverage for people you may have injured or hurt. When you, or an authorized driver handling your vehicle, causes an accident, leading to others getting hurt or injured, costs for legal fees and professional help for those affected, will also be covered by insurance.

Repairs for other vehicles you may have damaged. If you, or your authorized driver, causes an accident that damages other vehicles or other non-moving property, the expenses of its repairs or replacement will be handled by your insurance company.

Coverage for people in your vehicle who have been injured or hurt. If your vehicle gets into an accident and the people in your vehicle get seriously hurt or killed, costs for their necessary treatment and even financial aid to those deceased will be covered by insurance.

Protection from damages caused by nature. Natural causes such as floods, typhoons, and earthquakes can damage or even destroy your vehicle. In instances such as this, costs for your vehicle’s repair or replacement will be covered by insurance.

So, what car insurance provider should you go with? Through the many providers out there, you might want to look into Standard Insurance. Aside from being a widely recognized brand, there are several reasons why they should be included in your top of mind.

They are experts in the motorcar insurance industry. Standard Insurance has been serving the insuring public for more than 60 years in 60 locations in the country, and settle tens of thousands of claims annually! Their national claims-paying ability was rated “A” by the Global Credit Rating Company, a leading insurance-focused ratings agency.

They work with most major car dealers and repair shops. They have more than 450 tie-ups and partnerships with car dealers nationwide and work with the country’s best repair shops.

Efficient servicing. You can conveniently file claims at their branches, over the phone, or online.

Safety and assurance of their service. They secured partnerships with the largest and strongest reinsurance companies to around the world, to ensure their capability of settling large claims, such as those that arise from catastrophic events like Typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

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