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In Focus: How You Can Leave Dull, Damaged Skin Behind In 2019

In Focus: How You Can Leave Dull, Damaged Skin Behind In 2019

In the Philippines, we always welcome the New Year with a bang! It’s the one event where we stay out late to see fireworks light up the sky. But with fancy displays come pollution, which is harmful for you in more ways than one. You may not set off the fireworks, but exposure of any kind puts you—particularly your skin—at risk.

Your skin and smog. How does pollution damage your skin and diminish your glow?  When pollutants penetrate the skin, they can accumulate and clog pores. This, in turn, causes long-term damage and dark skin cells.  Melanin production is the skin’s natural way of countering pollution. But it’s also the reason behind duller-looking skin.  Without the right protection, you may as well bid farewell to your glow like you did the year that was (and say hello to dark spots, dryness, rashes, acne, or even premature aging).

The cold may not bother you, but your skin is nevertheless at risk. Don’t be fooled, folks—pollution never takes a vacation. Just because it’s cold during the “-ber” months doesn’t mean you’re skin is safe. Even chilly weather can’t stop the sun, smoke, and smog (all of which are very much out there, just not as apparent) from causing skin damage. 

Protect your glow. Make your skin pollution-proof and sun damage-proof with Vaseline Sun + Pollution Protection! It comes with Pollution Protection Formula and has microdroplets of Vaseline Jelly that will keep your skin moisturized. Moreover, it contains Vitamin B3 for a healthier and more radiant glow. Stay white, moisturized, and protected with Vaseline PPF!

2019 is yours. So welcome the New Year with skin that’s whiter, healthier, moisturized, and protected. Start the year the way you deserve to—with a radiant glow!

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