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In Focus: 5 Inspiring YouTube Vloggers Who Champion Girl Power

In Focus: 5 Inspiring YouTube Vloggers Who Champion Girl Power



On average, YouTube gets visited by more than 30 million users everyday. We are guilty of spending too much time on the streaming platform watching whatever videos we come across to, be it a funny dog clips, complicated makeup routine, drool-inducing mukbang, or videos of our favorite celebrities.

And when it comes to original content, YouTube has given us countless creators to watch and look up to. While some do the same old tutorials, tags, and challenges, there are those who love going against the grain and showing us their raw personality which makes them even more lovable and empowering.

Here, we listed a few of our favorite female YouTubers who, in our opinion, deserve our attention not because they're simply entertaining but they're genuine people who we can learn from. Whether it's about mental health awareness or the LGBT community, these relatable ladies are totally worth hitting the Subscribe button for.

Anna Akana
A hilariously outspoken YouTuber of Asian descent Anna Akana has never failed to spit truths in all of her content, usually tackling socially relevant issues charged with humor. Because of anxiety and extreme panic attacks, Anna switched from using the stage for stand up comedy and improv to YouTube as her platform to educate and entertain her audience. She drunkenly came out publicly as a queer woman while receiving an award and campaigning for people to vote. She declared, “People need us more than ever! Marginalized groups need us more than ever. I’m not only a woman of color, but I’m also a queer woman. Please get out to the polls and vote."

Gabbie Hanna
Once known from her funny Vine skits, Gabbie continually shine through her transition to YouTube  where she uploads exciting story time videos. Gabbie then served everyone the glow up and the character development no one saw coming with content now much catered to educate people through her poetry and her music. Gabbie isn’t afraid publicly talking about her mental health, pressures of social media, and body insecurities as she grew up being on the heavier side. Now, she still upload funny skits—a content that jump started her career—but, now, always with purpose.

Lilly Singh
Everyone’s girl Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman has been the Bawse that she promised herself to be. From making culturally woke yet hilarious skits and raising awareness by being vocal about her mental health to touring the world and publishing her own book, she’s been slaying the YouTube scene since the beginning, and no one can stop her.

Shannon Beveridge
An openly gay actress and content creator, Shannon rose to prominence on YouTube with her easy charm and her LGBTQ-driven content. She often tackle issues about her identity and the process of how she found herself. What makes her different is the way she creates her videos with an encouraging voice, urging young individuals to accept their truest selves and spread love wherever they are.


Em Ford of My Pale Skin
Making herself vulnerable to online bashing is one of the most difficult things that this beauty vlogger had to face throughout her life. Growing up, she said that she didn't have much problems with her physical appearance. But when she hit her 20s, there came the acne which affected different aspects of her life. Every day, she had to read comments about her skin and how she was an example of false advertisement. But she got fed up, she retaliated by filming a video about how she's dealing with all the negativity online. That video went viral, accummulating 10 million views on the first week of its release. 3 years later, it's still sparking change with 29 million views and counting.

Feeling empowered now? Maybe it’s time that you binge-watch these female creators’ inspiring content, and discover a thing or two about yourself. Beyond the unboxing sessions and makeup hauls, these women are actually using their platform to make a difference among the youth!

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