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Style Inspo: Follow These Color-Obsessed Girls For Some Fresh Feed Inspo!

Style Inspo: Follow These Color-Obsessed Girls For Some Fresh Feed Inspo!



One of the things that might never get old is our fondness for aesthetically pleasing feeds on Instagram. Sometimes, we even follow accounts that we don't know just because of their feed! There's nothing wrong with that, especially if you're taking their lifestyle as your Instagram inspo. 

We do believe that your Instagram feed says a lot about you, that's why if you're a creative and joyful person who enjoys everything colorful—these are the Instagram accounts that you should definitely follow! 

1. @kaylahadlington

If you're obsessed with pink and cute stuff, then Kayla is probably your perfect Instagram inspo. From adorable novelty bags to her bubblegum pink clothes, this girl is living in a Barbie world—and she's definitely proud of it! What we love most about her feed is that she never, not even once, posted something without any pink shade in it. That's how dedicated she is with her aesthetic!

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2. @colormecourtney

The self-proclaimed Color Queen of New York City, Courtney made her Instagram feed a rainbow city you'd absolutely want to visit! There are moments when she would wear different shades of one color or mix and match rainbow hues! Besides being a color queen, she's also celebrating curves and confidence. That's why her followers adore not only her feed, but also her character because she's one of the personalities that totally radiate positive vibes!

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3. @realsmoothie 

This sassy girl is also a huge fan of everything cute! Oren Gal is an Israeli Youtuber and Instagram personality captures sweet things, pretty clothes, and cute spots to curate her feed in the cutest way possible. What makes her different from Kayla is that instead of just focusing on everything pink, she posts every color that complements with it like red, violet, or even yellow. Well, as long as it's pleasing to the eyes, she loves it!

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4. @sophlog

With her statement flower sunglasses, Sophie enjoys exploring all the colorful murals around the world! Unlike the other Instagram colorful feeds where they usually focus more on their color coordinated clothes and items, Sophie does the opposite. As you can see in her vibrant feed, she loves colorful street art and architecture! Although she also dress up for Instagram, most of the time your eyes would automatically look straight at her background and we think that's her real intention since she wouldn't go around the world if looking at these colorful places doesn't make her happy!

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5. @hotpinkpineapples

If you're into colorful and sparkly things, then you should totally follow Cyn—a set decorator who's a Disney enthusiast! Whether she's at the beach or just laying around her house, she would always wear bright-colored clothes that stylishly match her pink hair. There's no doubt that her love for colorful stuff reflects her bright and cheerful personality, making her a girl you'd want in your corner!

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From pink outfits to rainbow walls, these Instagram wonders are absolutely proud to share their colorful and beautiful lifestyle to the world. They proved that your Instagram feed should be a space to show the perfect representation of who you are personally. This year, don't be afraid to show the real you online just like these colorful gals! 

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