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In Focus: Times BLACKPINK's Rosé Showed Off Her Vocal Prowess

In Focus: Times BLACKPINK's Rosé Showed Off Her Vocal Prowess



It's no secret that K-pop idols are born with unbelievable vocals and trained with different techniques that they can use when they're performing live. Due to this fact, it's hard to find an idol who stands out from the rest since they can all sing very well. So when BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, fans didn't hide their excitement when they heard Rosé's feminine and sweet tone. Unlike other artists who can sing well but would be tough to distinguish in a sea full of main vocalists because of their common singing style, you would know it's Rosé singing in a heartbeat! 

Vocal coaches had shared their fair share of reviews, but one thing that they agreed on is that her voice is the hardest to analyze because she sings with such distinct style. Honestly, her voice has got to be the most controversial because some people think that she's using her nasal tone to make her voice unique. But she proved numerous times that she just adds style on purpose, and her singing technique doesn't actually involve "faking" her voice.

Well, it's either you'll hate it or love it. One or the other, Rosé is a multitalented idol who showcases her skills in her own way. She has the voice, visuals, and charisma to capture the audience, and that's why we're obsessed with her! To further show our appreciation, here are the times when she proved that she's an actual singing angel.

1. When she was featured in G-DRAGON's "Without You"...

Since the release of G-DRAGON's album "One of A Kind" in 2013, one of the songs that really stood out is "Without You" which is a song about a guy who faced too much rejection that he ultimately became cold towards everyone including the girl he loved. In the third verse, we would hear a girl responding. Besides the song's heartbreaking chords, one of the things that the fans loved is the girl's voice to the point that a lot of G-DRAGON's fans searched who this girl is. During this time, we didn't know that it was Rosé since BLACKPINK hasn't debuted yet. All we knew was that it's a 14-year-old YG trainee who wouldn't be so hard to stan once she debuted! Well, we're glad that our theory was proven right!

2. When she hit the high notes in BIGBANG's "Loser"...

One of BLACKPINK's best live performance is their cover of BIGBANG's "Loser" during their KBS Kiss Radio guesting. All of the members sang amazingly, but Rosé's high notes totally made us melt into a puddle as we replay her parts over and over just to savor every second of it. Her unique vocals are perfect for "Loser," an R&B track which has a slow tempo and emotional melody. The song is about the doubt and insecurities they face as K-pop idols, and you could feel the emotions while Rosé's singing it!

3. When she appeared on King of Masked Singer...

The King of Masked Singer is a South Korean mystery singing competition program where the idol contestants were given a mask to wear in order to conceal their identity while performing and the audience and a panel of celebrities would judge their performance without knowing who they really are. The identities of the contestants would only be revealed once they're eliminated. Rosé started the first round with a bang as she covered Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca," earning her a win. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in the second round with Jung Seung Hwan's ballad "If It Is You." Regardless, she left the show with pride as she exhibited her vocal range in different genres!

4. When she had her solo stage in BLACKPINK's concert...

Of course, every outstanding main vocalist deserves their own solo stage. That's why BLINKs were definitely excited when they found out that Rosé has her own time to shine in their concert. With her beautiful yellow dress and flowing gold hair, she covered three iconic songs namely "Let It Be" by Beatles, "You and I" by Park Bom, and "Look at Me" by TAEYANG which she gracefully sang with all her heart and a beautiful piano accompaniment in the background. Here's to hoping we get to witness this live, too!

These are just highlights of Rosé's singing prowess, and we know that she is made for far greater things–not only her, but her whole group We just can't wait to see her reach her dreams, release her own songs, and have more people stan her for her undeniably angelic voice! 

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