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Hot Stuff: Tips On Making A Great First Impression When Meeting The Parents With Blackwater

Hot Stuff: Tips On Making A Great First Impression When Meeting The Parents With Blackwater



Falling in love with her? Easy. Getting her to like you? Hard. Getting her to date you? Even harder. Convincing her mom that you’re the best bet for her daughter? Challenge accepted!

Every man may feel a little anxious of meeting his girlfriend’s parents, but if you play your cards right, it’s a task that you can easily breeze through with flying colors. And it all falls on making a good and right first impression. Which fortunately for you, you can prepare for! Here are some tips on making that first meet-up memorable.



This is the time to do your research and ask your significant other for pointers. First encounters are almost always a bit awkward, but you can ease into a more natural conversation by coming prepared.

Before heading to the party or dinner date, know their general likes and dislikes: Who’s their favorite sports team? What are their hobbies? Learning what they like and asking about what interests them will help them see you as a friendly and approachable fellow.


As you ready yourself to talk about them, look forward as well to answering the questions they may have for you. Honesty is the best policy, but, of course, listen and learn not to overshare. If they ask about your day? There’s no need to tell them of your recent trip to the doctor regarding your digestive problems, for example.

Also, if you happen to be cornered by the nosy titos and titas at the family gathering, be ready to reply to their prying questions with tact and grace.  


If the first meeting is going to be held at their home, bring wine, dessert or any little thing that can be shared. It shows respect to the host, and says that you’re a thoughtful and generous guest.


If you’re to be their daughter’s partner in life, look the part. Ditch the Tshirt and khaki shorts – even if they did say it’s a more casual affair – and tidy up with a nice polo and jeans. Good grooming is a must as it shows that you take pride in how you look and how you present yourself to other people.

Get a haircut and a nice, clean shave. And to help you look fresh throughout the night, try Blackwater BB Cream for Men (P180). Especially formulated for men, this hardworking BB Cream offers natural coverage that feels lightweight and blends easily into skin. It minimizes the appearance of blemishes, evens out the skin tone, and keeps you shine-free for hours! And no, it won’t look like you’re wearing makeup.

This holiday season, when you meet the parents, don’t sweat the small stuff and put your best face forward with Blackwater BB Cream. Blackwater BB Cream is now available at Lazada and Shopee for P180, and soon in stores nationwide.


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