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Fitness Inspo: This Is How Our Miss U 2018 Bet Catriona Gray Keeps Her Mind And Body Fit!

Fitness Inspo: This Is How Our Miss U 2018 Bet Catriona Gray Keeps Her Mind And Body Fit!

As the Miss Universe pageant is already underway, our very own Binibining Pilipinas 2018 has taken a very multifaceted approach into preparing for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Catriona has a diverse workout routine that targets the imbalances in her body. Being more aware of her body allows her to be more confident of herself—which is very important once Catriona slays everyone on the real catwalk tomorrow morning.

Luckily, Catriona was happy to share how she keeps herself fit, and essentially how she prepares for the pageant.

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Catriona only started doing Pilates a few months ago, but she absolutely swears by it now that she’s training. With a height of 5’9”, Catriona loves how Pilates stabilizes her and improves her posture.

Weight Training

Unlike Pilates, which Catriona tries to do every day, she commits her weight and functional training two or three times a week for an hour. She doesn’t believe in spending the whole day at the gym. Building muscle gradually but consistently is enough.

Catwalk Training

Catriona also does the pasarela (catwalk) training once a week, to make sure her walk is strong, confident, and calculated. 

Eating Healthy

Even though Catriona doesn’t have a strict diet yet—this probably changed—she rarely eats junk food. She might have a sweet tooth, but she never goes overboard when she does indulge. Most of the time, Catriona cooks meals for herself, and stays away from processed food and bubbly drinks.

Recreational activities

Catriona proves she’s not just a pretty face with her black belt in karate. Catriona fell in love with learning how to do self-defense when she was eight years old. By the time she was 12, she had already earned her black belt. It gave her a sense of achievement, and it taught her the importance of discipline. And aside from how useful it is, karate was an activity that Catriona just genuinely enjoyed doing.

Being mindful

Being healthy isn’t just about being physically fit. It also includes mental and emotional happiness. Catriona loves to read and even listen to physical and audio books. She was even inspired by The Power of Now. With how fast-paced the world moves, the book helped Catriona to be more aware and present in each moment, and to never take anything for granted.

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