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Hot Stuff: Catriona Gray’s Incredible Smarts Might Have A Lot To Do With Her Love For Reading!

Hot Stuff: Catriona Gray’s Incredible Smarts Might Have A Lot To Do With Her Love For Reading!

We may admire Catriona Gray for her beauty and talent, but did you know the country's Miss Universe 2018 bet has always had a way with words? In fact, apart from owning a blog where she talks about anything under the sun, she was also our guest editor/ABS-CBN Lifestyle Inspo for the month of July. Her brilliance has shone through in her writing, and we think it has a lot to do with her immense love for books!

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Spending hours of the day with my nose in a book and soaking up the sun. ??????

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“My mom started me young,” Catriona—who also just revealed to makeup artist Jelly Eugenio that she brought with her a book on Thailand's departed king to the competition—told ABS-CBN Lifestyle. “Before I could even read, my mom would read me to sleep. Then when I got old enough to learn how to read around three years old, she got me books. I remember these fairytale books and Mickey Mouse books that say ‘What is toothpaste made out of?’ ‘How do airplanes fly?’ ‘What’s inside an apricot seed?’—all these random stuff that kids might be curious about. That’s how I started reading.”

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“I love the Harry Potter series as funny as that sounds but I read it really late. I only read it in early 2017,” revealed Catriona. “I also love The Power of Now (by Eckhart Tolle), which is about just being present in the moment.”

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Morning reads ?? the best way to wake up your mind as an alternative to picking up your smart phone first thing in the morning. ??

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Cat beats the hustle and bustle of daily life especially through reading self-help books. For example, "(The Power Of Now) really impacted me because it’s such a fast-paced world and you’re trying to do all these things and juggle so many things like you’re never really present. You never connect to people or you don’t even remember what you did in the morning because you were on auto-pilot. It’s so sad that you get stuck into these habits and then you’re like, ‘Where did my day go?’ It’s like your work leads to all your hours and then there’s never time for you to just take time for yourself,” she said. “I always want to learn so I like books that will teach you something about health, the mind, or memory.”

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To this day, our first #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo finds so much joy and comfort in reading. “I can’t go out of a bookstore empty-handed. I need to buy something! Every time I go to a bookstore, I’m like ‘I really shouldn’t go in there’ but I do even if I have so many books I haven’t read yet," she said. "There’s just something about staying in a coffee shop and reading."

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