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In Focus: Thirdy Ravena Talks About His Support System And Dishes On #BEBOB

In Focus: Thirdy Ravena Talks About His Support System And Dishes On #BEBOB


By Valerie Uy

Thirdy Ravena is on top of his game. The Ateneo Blue Eagles have just completed a successful back-to-back title run, with the King Eagle getting the Finals MVP plum for the second year in a row. But while we are all witnesses to his on-court prowess and off-court #OOTD game, it's refreshing to see another side of Thirdy. When we got the chance to catch up with this UAAP star, he talked to us about the relationships that keep him grateful and grounded everyday.

The Ravenas

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Coming from an athletic family, Thirdy finds a great support system in his siblings. With little sister Dani, who currently plays for the Ateneo Lady Eagles, Thirdy says they have more of a best friend type of relationship. He shares, “It’s that type of relationship where she can talk to me about her guys, and I’m just chill. I talk to her about girls, too!”

Manong Kiefer, a Blue Eagle legend, is a true big brother according to Thirdy, saying, “With my brother, it’s more of me trying to learn from his lessons and experiences. He’s like my role model.” He also reveals that Kiefer is quite the generous one. He adds, “He likes to spoil us and make sure that we all feel loved. “

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A packed schedule for the tight-knit family means a simple rule: if you’re available and whoever has a game, you go. Kudos to Daddy Bong and Mommy Mozzy for raising such superathletes who give all-out support to each other!

The Blue Eagle Band of Brothers A.K.A. The #BEBOB

It’s hard to miss the Blue Eagles’ playfulness with each other. Whether they're throwing banters on social media, having kulitan moments on the bench, or making jokes on live interviews, their relationship radiates positive energy. “This is a really special batch of Blue Eagles–even last year’s actually. The chemistry is incredible, and we really just want each other to do well, we want each other to shine. It’s really good vibes,” Thirdy beams.

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A tight camaraderie is evident in this current crop of Blue Eagles, and we got Thirdy to do a quickfire round of Q&A to spill some deets about the #BEBOB. “Game. I love talking about my teammates,” he laughs.

What's the best thing about having Anton as a captain?

“He inspires me to play with grit and angas. He may look like a baby but honestly he’s the most maangas on the court!” 

What can you say about your batchmates Mike and Matt Nieto, Aaron Black, and Isaac Go?

“It’s crazy–I have pictures of us in SBP, when we were kids. When you have teammates like that, you go way back and have come a long way, you just really wanna enjoy the last ride. Guys, let’s make sure this last year is a fun ride!”

Who’s the most fashionable, next to you?


Who’s always late?


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Who’s the kuya of the team?

“Anton and Mike”

Who’s the most studious, aside from Isaac?


Who’s most likely to give the best pickup line?


Who’s the surprise performance of the year?

“Tyler. People were doubting him, saying he had the sophomore slump, but he showed everyone why he deserved his time on the court. I’m really happy for him.”

Who’s the heartbreaker?

“Me. I’ll take the fall for my brothers!”

The Ateneo Community

On behalf of the Blue Eagles, Thirdy has nothing but gratitude to everyone who supported their campaign this year. “It’s been great especially in Game 2, when we saw how they tried to match the UP crowd. That dedication, in order to support us, it’s the best feeling I’ve felt this season, and to be able to celebrate this championship with them is the best gift.”

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Thirdy’s birthday is coming up, and he shares with us that the best birthday present he’s gotten from his family was a surprise party–not material things, but the time and effort they took to do that for him. And it’s the same this year–he’s simply grateful for everything. “At this point, the blessings are coming down, and you can’t ask for anything more. You just want to share the love, thank God for the blessings–most especially the people around you.”

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