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In Focus: These Celebs Are Proud Members Of The BLACKPINK Fandom

In Focus: These Celebs Are Proud Members Of The BLACKPINK Fandom



One of the best things about being a K-pop fan is finding out who celebrities that you admire are fans, too! There's a lot of stan-worthy K-pop girl groups right now, but the one that stood out the most this year is BLACKPINK. They're impeccably talented and have breathtaking visuals that it's impossible for you not to notice them. Their music has no definite sound, but you'll immediately know that it's them when you hear it play—it's the kind of music that you would definitely dance to in the club, but you would also succumb into when you're just blasting it on your own.

And because of the wild K-pop craze this year brought by break-out groups like BLACKPINK, we were not surprised to find out that some local celebs have time to spazz with us despite their erractic schedules. From tweeting their feels towards the group to going to South Korea just to see them, scroll down and check out the local celebrities who are proud BLINKs just like us!

1. Sue Ramirez

Since BLACKPINK debuted, Sue has heard their name everywhere. From her close friends up to her fans, BLACKPINK totally didn't go unnoticed by her. But the young gal admitted that she wasn't really a fan at first. She said in an interview that what influenced her to be a fan was the people she worked with during her shoot in South Korea, alongside BLANC7 member Shinwoo. Most of them were planning to watch the BLACKPINK concert Day 2, and since she didn't want to be alone, she joined the crew. After the concert, she immediately became a BLINK! Whether she's in the shower or having a 30-minute jog, all she could listen to were BLACKPINK songs. Plus, she gushed at how amazing their live performances are and how excited she is to see the group again on February 2019 for their concert in Manila!

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2. Anne Curtis

Known for her obsession with anything Korean, it's not surprising that Anne is also a fangirl of BLACKPINK. Every BLINK started to notice her admiration towards the girl group when she posted a photo of her in Melbourne and surprisingly received a comment from the official Instagram account of BLACKPINK House. It left a queen chess piece emoji which she replied with a heart and surprised emoji. When she was asked who her bias is within the group, she shared that she has no bias because she loves them all equally. Of course, with the upcoming BLACKPINK concert here in Manila, Anne didn't hold her excitement back and tweeted that she would definitely attend the concert! And as a thank you to her fans who are also fellow BLINKs, she stated that she plans to have a ticket giveaway on her social media soon. Now, we just have to wait when it will be! 

3. Liza Soberano

With her pretty face and charming personality, Liza has been associated with MOMOLAND's Nancy numerous times because of their uncanny resemblance. But it looks like Liza doesn't only look like a K-pop idol, but is also a huge fan of K-pop, too! Since the release of BLACKPINK's successful mini album Square Up, Liza has been following all the members on Instagram. Plus, she's also an avid liker of their photos which just proves she's updated about them! This certified BLINK also shared that her favorite members are Lisa and Jisoo, but also loves Jennie and Rosé. Let's all welcome Liza to the fandom, BLINKs!

4. AC Bonifacio

With dance covers of almost all of their songs including their singles like Jennie's "Solo" and Lisa's "I Like It" choreography, teen sensation AC Bonifacio is a full-fledged BLINK! Her dance covers have always received a lot of views and positive comments. One of her most viewed BLACKPINK video is the "DDU-DU DDU-DU" dance cover which reached more than 1 million views in just five months. The 15-year-old star is also known for her resemblance to BLACKPINK member Jennie. Some even stated that they could be sisters! AC has recently released a new dance cover in her YouTube channel with Jennie's "Solo" choreography but with her own style, and BLINKs definitely raved about it!

5. Maris Racal

Just like us, Maris also has an obsession with BLACKPINK's summer comeback "As If It's Your Last" last year. The BLINK fandom saw her frequently dancing the choreography, obviously enjoying the bop that the incredible girl group created. She first covered the song with YouTube personality Riva Quenery, then danced to it during her 20th birthday surprise at Tivoli Garden Residences with Eunice Santiago. According to Eunice, they first heard "Boombayah" playing in the background, then their inner BLINK got so hyped up that they eventually danced to "As If It's Your Last." Maris even tweeted her love for members Lisa and Jennie, and shared that the only group that her YouTube playlist has is BLACKPINK. We totally get you, Maris! 

6. Ella Cruz

One of the known BLINKs here in the Philippines is Ella who already proved that she's a certified BLACKPINK fan since their debut. She even flew to South Korea last year just to meet the members! We can say that her Seoul trip itinerary probably included tons of BLACKPINK-related events and activities! Based on her vlog, she first went to watch their MBC's Music Core pre-recording, and then she visited their pop-up store. After that, she had her magical moment with the group as she was lucky enough to win a coupon for the BLACKPINK Ice Cream event and got a chance to shake hands with them! How to be you, Ella? 

These celebs might not spazz as hard as us or know everything about BLACKPINK, but we know that this doesn't make them any less of a fan. Instead of being skeptical about new BLINKs, we should learn how to welcome them in the friendliest way possible whether they're a celebrity or not. In this case, we think it's cute how they idolize BLACKPINK despite their celebrity status. We hope to see more celebs in the BLINK fandom soon! 

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