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How to be a Real Life Big Winner

How to be a Real Life Big Winner

Eleven seasons have passed.

We have seen 11 different sets of personalities competing for the title, “Big Winner”. But being a big winner doesn’t only happen inside Big Brother House but also in the ‘outside world”. Wanna know how to be one? Let's have a quick throwback. The big winners of Bahay ni Kuya were able to:

  1. Adapt.

Before you become a big winner, you first have to survive. And adaptation is the key. You have to adapt with the environment that you live in. Know the rules, live by the rules, and learn how to deal with different kinds of people from all facets of life.

Remember, we don’t always encounter the kind of people we like so we have to adapt with them. Sooner or later, they might be your confidant like what Keanna Reeves was to Rustom Padilla or your partner-in-life just like what happened to Melason. Who knows? *winks*


  1. Be strong and competitive.

Does it mean you have to have abs or a well-toned body? By all means, no. It means being ready and capable to face life’s challenges (and confrontations) by preparing your body, mind, and soul. You just have to always give your best shot in everything that you do and make the most out of every opportunity.

Just like how Nene Tamayo showed strength. 

And how Beatriz Saw exhibited composure and logic in an argument.  

Slater Young showed cleverness during challenges.

Kim Chiu and James Reid showcased their talent.


  1. Be truthful.

You don’t have to pretend or be that someone you think is going to please others. Cliché as it is but still is true: just be you. I think that is what all Kuya’s big winners have in common. They have their own identity.

Melai Cantiveros was not ashamed of being funny and crazy.

Ejay Falcon and Ruben Gonzaga were proud of their roots and life stories.


Myrtle Sarrosa showcased her being a cosplayer.

 Daniel Matsunaga was proud to be a Filipino-by-heart.

 Whatever you do, whoever you are, you can stand out among the crowd. Go ahead! Be yourself.

 Life is a long journey of survival that has series of challenges which gets harder as you finish from one point to the other. If you want to be a real life big winner, do life big.





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