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In Focus: These 3rd Gen K-Pop Girl Groups Prove That There's No Bad Blood Among Them

In Focus: These 3rd Gen K-Pop Girl Groups Prove That There's No Bad Blood Among Them



In every generation of K-pop groups, there would always be a competition. Whether it's a boy group or a girl group, every fan wants their fave to be the number one. That's how fanwars happen which in return would make the idols struggle with making friends outside of their circle. Although it happened in the 1st and 2nd generation groups, we're glad to see that this "norm" didn't affect the 3rd generation groups at all! 

From having cute interactions to promoting each other on social media, 3rd generation K-pop girl groups BLACKPINK, TWICE, and Red Velvet have nothing but love for one another. Some might think that it's just for show. But when we found out that they also hangout outside work, we confirmed that their friendship is real. To further prove our point, read this article as we list the things we love most about their friendship!

1. There's no bad blood among them.

We're no strangers to the battle among the big three entertainment agencies YG, SM, and JYP. Every time their representative groups are both nominated in one category, they are always ready to make their group number one. From BIGBANG vs. Super Junior vs. 2PM to 2NE1 vs. SNSD vs. Wonder Girls, these 2nd generation groups have always been put against each other. That's why we were not surprised that it's also happening in the 3rd generation groups BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, and TWICE. Although unlike the 2nd generation groups who were really not close and possibly might have even hated each other, these 3rd generation groups don't really care about it. Rather than letting the "beef" made by the fans and agencies affect them, they just let it slide and stay away from having bad blood. 

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2. They support each other in every award and music show.

What we look forward to the most in every award and music show is when all these girl groups attend and interact with one another. There have been times when they're seen happy for each other's achievements, greeting each other, joking around, and even taking selfies together which shows that they're very much close. One of the cutest moments was when Red Velvet called BLACKPINK and offered them to sit with them. There was also a time when TWICE's Momo said that she enjoys watching Red Velvet's Joy's drama Lovely Love Lie! Plus, we have also seen these groups sing and dance each other's songs in their concerts, guestings, and live chats with fans. 

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3. Theyve been friends even before they debuted.

We frequently see how close TWICE and BLACKPINK are even before they became the popular groups that they are now—specifically BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Jennie and TWICE's Nayeon. At first, some people thought that it was just because JYP and YG, their bosses, are close. But during BLACKPINK's guesting in Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time last July 2017, Jennie and Jisoo revealed that they knew Nayeon since their trainee days and would go out together and eat during their break. They've remained close friends ever since. Jennie shared, "I always go say hi to her when we both perform at the same broadcast station." and this is proven true by the fancams! We're not sure if they're close with Red Velvet during their pre-debut days, but it's not impossible!  

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4. They hangout from time to time.

When it comes to their career, of course their priority is their group's success. But what we love most about these three girl groups is that after all of the competition and battle they're put into, they still hangout from time to time outside of work. Red Velvet's Irene and BLACKPINK's Jennie shared that they go to the same salon before and that's how they became so close. Since then, they've been eating out together whenever they have free time. They also workout together sometimes, which is the purest thing we heard ever! 

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These three girl groups definitely didn't care about the people who are making them hate each other. And we're sure tat they want their fans to do the same thing, too. We know it can get intense when it comes to wanting your faves to take the number one spot. But as fans, we can do it in a nicer way. Instead of putting each other down, let's just support each other and hope that everything would be played fair and square!

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