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In Focus: 4 Reasons Why Kisses Delavin Is The Sweetest Angel Ever

In Focus: 4 Reasons Why Kisses Delavin Is The Sweetest Angel Ever



Even before Kisses Delavin entered the Pinoy Big Brother house in 2016, her friends and family can affirm that this star has always been the kind of girl that you'd want to surround yourself with! Besides being a hardworking artist, she's also one of the kindest celebrities you'll meet in this industry. She's not afraid to show who she truly is and is proud to share her big heart to the world. Although she is absolutely so precious, she still knows what she wants and works hard to get it without putting others down. 

Everything that she has right now, she definitely deserves. That's why to show a little appreciation to this 19-year-old charming angel, we listed down the reasons why she's the sweetest girl ever!

1. She shows how grateful she is for her fans.

There's no doubt that Kisses' career totally skyrocketed last year thanks to her ever so loyal army of fans. And what makes being a fan of this angel is how grateful she is for them. She makes sure that her fans feel how much she appreciates them, from showering them with her affection to defending them from bashers. Get you an idol who stans you back just like Kisses!

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2. She’s sensitive to the people around her.

Even during her days in the PBB house, she's the housemate who made us realize it's not wrong to be honest about your feelings and to care deeply about others. It's her personality, and there's completely nothing wrong with that. This is also something that we can attest to because I can still remember when we were shooting outdoors for our #ChalkLovesDonKiss feature, we got worried that Kisses would feel uncomfortable because she was wearing a jacket amidst the high noon heat. We asked her if she's okay and instead of complaining, she just smiled at us and said that she doesn't mind at all. She had also asked us if we're okay which proved how thoughtful she truly is! We don't deserve her sweet soul, TBH!

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3. Her family is her number one priority.

It's no secret that the more we grow up, the more we seem to become distant from our parents. From meeting new circle of friends to being extra busy with our daily grind, we sometimes forget the value of family. But Kisses never fails to care for her parents and even bring thems to her shoots and other commitments, so she can be with them despite her busy schedule. She makes them proud by simply being the loving daughter that she is which makes Kisses a true role model to every adolescent out there.

4. She kills her haters with kindness.

Of course, it's impossible to be a celebrity without any haters. Unfortunately, there are people who opt to use their energy in bashing other people, and Kisses is no stranger to this fact. But instead of being affected negatively, she continues to be herself and carries on with her life without trying to prove anything. She even tweeted to her fans saying that they shouldn't focus on her haters anymore since she believes life is too short to spend time thinking about what other people think of her. Honestly, her haters exist because they're confused admirers who can't understand why everyone loves her!

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From the people who believes in her to the people who helped her in her journey, Kisses never forgets to show gratitude towards them. Even though she's successful already, she still makes sure to show appreciation in everything that she has right now. With all the controversy she also experienced, we never once saw her go down and let it affect her career. This girl knows what she needs to prioritize and that's showing her appreciation to everyone who appreciates her. This is something we can all learn from her.  

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