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In Focus: The Boys Of Perea Street On Their First Drop Of Merch And Next Year's Trends

In Focus: The Boys Of Perea Street On Their First Drop Of Merch And Next Year's Trends


If you're not yet following @pereastreet on Instagram, then you're clearly missing out on the boys who are currently making a name for themselves, not just in street style, but also in content creation. Meet Julo de Guzman, Edsel Uy, and Judd Figuerres–your friendly neighborhood streetwear enthusiasts/vlogging game-changers.

A trio of filmmakers who work in the same production house located in Makati's Perea Street, Julo, Edsel, and Judd have been entertaining the Insta sphere with their refreshingly comedic approach on content making. No, they don't do those typical blogger poses in highly-filtered #OOTD shots. These guys hinge on their candid-as-it-can-get personalities which stand out from any other curated feed on Instagram or vlog channel on YouTube.

Their Instagram page has attracted 10k followers in less than six months, and it looks like this number is only about to take off. Just recently, they held a meet-and-greet in partnership with Johnnie Walker where they launched their very first set of merch including a fanny pack and nostalgic back-to-school-themed items like a spiral notebook and a boyband-esque poster.

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Here, we got to talk to these rising style stars and all-around funny guys about how they come up with their episodes on IGTV, their style inspos, and what could possibly replace the fanny pack next year.

Can you give us a background on how Perea Street came about?

Edsel: We all met through work. We work in the same production house which is in Perea Street. When first met through work, nagclick kami dahil we are all into streetwear, fashion, stuff like that. From there, we decided to order some stuff from Awake NY. We ordered hoodies and caps. So nung dumating siya, we just shot the unboxing kasi parang fun naman. And we really didn’t have any expectations for it. 'Nung pinost namin, some of our friends liked it so we decided to do more. And I think it was in our second episode when things got more traction.

Julo: It all started when we created this Telegram group for a project we were working on. Doon sa group na 'yun, nagsheshare na rin kami ng mga nakikita namin sa Instagram na stuff na kaka-release lang. From there, we talked a lot about streetwear, until may nakita nga kaming Awake hoodie, inorder namin. In between meetings, shinoot namin. Ayun.

Judd: I think medyo swerte lang na we shot that in vertical and saktong kakalabas lang ng IGTV.

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Now, you have enough followers to hold a meet-and-greet. Looking back, when did you realize that you're gaining a following, and how did you feel about it?

Judd: I think it was in our second episode when we’re getting comments from outside of our circles. Parang 'yun na 'yung we noticed, “Oh, people are liking our video.” And when people started covering our jingles, we knew people were into this pala.

Your viewers clearly enjoy the good vibes that your videos bring. Can you tell us how you create your content? Is there any planning involved?

Judd: We have a skeleton for every episode. But come shooting day, we don’t–we try not to be so stiff about it. We just really go with the flow. We just overshooand get those moments na nakakatawa na effortless. We really respond sa kung ano lang 'yung nasa paligid namin. Usually, when we pick a location we interact with the people there. Doon na nagkakaroon ng interesting na mga nangyayari sa shoot namin.

So, you went from unboxing items you ordered online to now being able to put out your own merch. Can you tell us the idea behind this?

Edsel: Our plan was to have like a '90s-2000s meet-and-greet inspired by the boyband era. We tried to integrate the concept of back-to-school merch like pencils, notebooks, and posters para mapush talaga 'yung nostalgic vibe na medyo corny in a good way.

Judd: Yung isang main merch namin is yung fanny pack because, one, it’s very 90s, and two, one of our more popular songs is the Fanny Pack Song. So it’s just fitting that the first drop of our merch is really a fanny pack.

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From your fashion taste to the details of this event, you seem like you've really found your style identity. Can you share your philosophy when it comes to your picking out your looks?

Edsel: Well, people say na my look is tucked-in shirt and pants. But recently, I’ve been trying to rebrand myself. *Laughs* Kasi siyempre tapos na yung season, ‘di ba? Pero 'yung totoo naman, I really just like to experiment with a lot of stuff. I really like to accessorize. Most of the time, yung basic silhouette ng outfit ko is shirt and pants. And then sa accessories ako bumabawi.

Julo: I just love a mix of functional, comfy, and colorways na appealing to me. I love every shade of blue especially, navy blue. I’ve also been feeling red now. And I love crew necks, hoodies, and comfy wear for comfy weather. Kasi we’re always indoors when we're at work, and nagkataon rin lang.

Judd: I like anything that’s baggy, kasi pawisin ako. So I want comfort when I dress up. So that’s my philosophy–anything na maginhawa sa balat.

Who do you look to for style inspiration?

Edsel: Ako, si Harry Styles. May look kasi siya whenever he’s lounging in the studio, he wears just a black shirt tapos very wide-fit pants. I think it’s very chill, very classy. Wala lang, I reasonate a lot with him.

Judd: My inspiration is really Shia Labeouf. Pero I would like to say na naiimpluwensiyahan ako ni Edsel, naimpluwensiyan din ako ni Julo. Since were always hanging out, it’s inevitable na nakukuha ko rin some of their style. Hawaan din siya.

Julo: I like Russell Westbrook kasi gusto ko 'yung mentality niya na "g" lang siya kahit hindi medyo coordinated. At the end of the day, if you look comfy wearing it and if you feel confident wearing it, then that’s your style philosophy.

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What’s one thing that you will never be caught wearing?

Julo: Jogger pants. Kunwari 'yung denim na may garter, ifofold up ko 'yun para kita 'yung socks.

Judd: Ako, hindi lang talaga bagay sa 'kin, so 'yung bucket hat. People are into it, pero di lang talaga siya for me eh.

Edsel:  Siguro sa ’kin super skinny jeans kasi malaki yung hita ko eh. *Laughs

We trust your style instincts, so, just for fun, can you give us a fearless fashion forecast? What do you think will be the next trend in streetwear?

Julo: Chest rigs and utility vests are catching up now.

Judd: I think, the next color is purple. Well, they said kasi it’s this year eh. Pero feeling ko mangyayari pa lang siya next year. Hindi siya nag fly-off this year eh.

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