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What Maja Keeps in Mind As She Leaps onto Her First Major Concert Stage

What Maja Keeps in Mind As She Leaps onto Her First Major Concert Stage

Even accomplished actresses and all-around performers like Maja Salvador do dream of bigger things, and sometimes, their dreams also fulfill the dreams of other people as well.

For Maja, who has been doing mall tours and small shows, it has been a dream for her to perform in her own major concert someday. Little did she expect that someone like Jerica Aguilar, a registered nurse and owner of JMA Events Management, would choose and trust Maja for her first major concert production, "Majasty."

“Naririnig nila [Jerica] yun mga tours ko nationwide, tapos naglakas-loob lang talaga sila na magproduce tapos ako yun lucky person dahil ako yun napili nila na mapagkatiwalaan na mag-concert ako,” Maja said, recounting on how Jerica approached Jerry Telan, her road manager, and courageously asked on letting Maja have her own major concert.

For both Maja and Jerica, mounting a major concert was a big leap: Having a concert in a large venue like Mall of Asia Arena meant they had to double their efforts to make it a success.

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Here’s a few takeaways from the Legal Performer herself on preparing for the biggest step in her multifaceted career:

It’s okay to take risks as long as you give your best

Maja may be used to doing mall tours and minor shows, but having a solo performance at Mall of Asia Arena was a different story. Initially, Maja was scared because she was not sure if she can meet or exceed people’s expectations. With the skyrocketing expectations in holding a concert, this prompted Maja to step things up.

“Pinag-handaan ko yung mga prod kasi gusto ko mag-enjoy sila [the audience] sa gabi na iyon.”

After all, Maja believes that like other Filipinos, she can make things possible as long as she gives her best. “Mapuno, o hindi man gaano mapuno, I’ll just enjoy the night, I’ll enjoy performing [for the audience],” Maja remarked, citing that she remains positive as her big night is happening on November 13, which is a few days away.

Being hands-on is the best way to prepare

Being her first major concert, Maja is very hands-on with the overall preparations, adding her inputs from the concept down to the stage and costume designs. “Gusto ko tutok ako, gusto ko yun participation ko hindi lang basta magperform ako, kundi kung paano siya buoin,” Maja explained.

The extent of their preparations? “Kung kaya pang-international yun prod, gagawin namin,” Maja remarked. In fact, there are times that it takes them a whole day for a meeting with the production crew to make sure the whole performance is what both Maja and Jerica envisioned. Even if Maja is hands-on in preparing for the concert, she seeks help from others to ensure that her whole concert is smooth.

In addition to her inputs, Maja has been consulting with experts like fashion designer Bing Cristobal, voice teacher Annie Quintos-Uy and dance groups Hotlegs and G-Force to make sure her first major concert be as perfect as possible. “[Gusto ko] yun swak talaga sa akin, yun hindi pilit.”

Always stay humble, no matter how accomplished you are

“Kahit artista kami, pantay-pantay pa rin tingin ko sa lahat kasi lahat tayo ay nagtratrabaho.”

Even if Maja has made several accomplishments in her career, from winning Gawad Urian Best Actress Award for her performance in “Thelma”, to doing several top-billing teleseryes, to being a recording artist and “dance princess of the Philippines,” she acknowledges the hard work of the crew behind the camera.

Being Jerica’s first time to mount such a big event, Maja understands the challenges Jerica is facing. Jerica even remarked that working with Maja is a pleasure because Maja is very approachable, and hands-on in planning for the concert, a compliment Maja is very thankful of. “Mas magaan magtrabaho kapag alam mo ilugar yun sarili mo,” Maja said.

While there’s a saying “libreng mangarap”, one can make those dreams possible by giving extra time and effort to that dream, and by going beyond what you aspire for. Who knows, you might be fulfilling another person’s dream in the process.




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