In Focus: Things Every Student From UAAP Schools Go Through During Basketball Finals

In Focus: Things Every Student From UAAP Schools Go Through During Basketball Finals


During UAAP season, the most awaited and buzzed about event is always the men's basketball finals. Everyone's school spirit is at its peak, and there's truly nothing like the nail-biting excitement that these games bring to round up one's college life.

If you're a student from UAAP's member schools, then you've possibly experienced being a little too invested when basketball season comes around. From standing in line for hours just to get a ticket to cheering your heart out during the games, you've probably gone through these stages whenever the final two schools face each other at the championship games!

1. Heightened school spirit

There's nothing that can pry one's school spirit out more than a crucial basketball game especially when you know that your team has a strong fighting chance. Whether you're the defending champs or the rising underdogs, you're all-out bleeding your school's colors and showing full support to your team in every way you possibly can!

2. The struggle of getting tickets

Of course, watching the games live is an absolute must. But not everyone can get a ticket, and the struggle to do so is extra real! From lining up for hours to giving in to scalpers, you would do everything just to be able to feel that tensed yet magical air inside the MOA Arena or Araneta. And once you're there cheering your heart out, you know it was all worth it.

3. Suspended classes and viewing parties

When you fail to get a ticket, you rely on your professors' mercy to suspend your class and allow you to watch the games. If you haven't joined your fellow students in the lobby and cheer in unison once your MVP takes that winning shot, then your campus experience is never complete!

4. Witty online banters

Everyone takes their thoughts and opinions to social media these days, and the wittier they are, the better. Whether it's about school stereotypes or adding funny captions to viral photos, there's no other place to be than on Facebook or Twitter for some light-hearted fun!

5. Trash talks

When the emotional outbursts are taken too far, the witty comments turn into trash talk. Sometimes, they burn. But other times, they plainly hit below the belt. It's normal to say thoughtless things in the heat of the moment, but we must all remember to avoid the rudeness, cultivate a friendlier online atmosphere, and maintain utmost sportmanship!

6. Placing bets on who will win

If you're not students from the competing schools in the championships, then it's likely that your betting on who's going to win. Aside from that, we also love it when other schools show support to the teams that are in the finals. Now, that's the kind of inter-university friendship we all need!

7. Tear-jerking moments with the captain who's already graduating

As much as we love our players, of course, there comes a time when they have to play their final season. What's more heartwrenching is when the beloved captain is the one who's already graduating. And because of that, you feel a more intense need to win the championship for the last time.

8. Cheering with everything you've got

Once game day arrives, you come to school or to the arena like you're ready for battle. Wearing your school shirt and perhaps painting your face with your school colors, your heart pounds as soon as the game starts. And all throughout, you chant and cheer as if your players' lives depended on it. After all, you are their source of strength, and shouting as loud as you can does make a difference for them!

9. The pain of almost nabbing the championship

In a game, it's a hard fact that one team wins and the other loses. And if you're on the losing side, you experience a kind of heartbreak that drains you of your energy (and perhaps your will to go to school the next day.) But keep your head up, because making it to the finals is already a feat on its own. There's always next season!

10. The brimming pride when your team takes the crown

If your team emerges as the champions, then a wave of inexplicable emotions will surely wash over you. From overflowing pride to sheer joy, there's truly nothing like being named as the basketball kings of the season. Get ready for the bonfires and all those celebratory shenanigans afterwards!

Your time in the university will never be complete without being invested in the UAAP games. For some, it's the highlight of their college life. And even long after they graduate, they still feel that undying fire in them whenever basketball season hits. Cherish those moments while you still can, because, win or lose, your school's colors run in your blood. And you'll be thankful that you made those memories without holding back.

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