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ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks These Celeb Fitspos: How To Stay Fit During The Pig-Out Season?

ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks These Celeb Fitspos: How To Stay Fit During The Pig-Out Season?

It was summer in November as SM brand Bo Athletics gathered some of the most influential fitness enthusiasts for three days at the first ever Bo Athletics Fitness Camp held at surf destination San Juan, La Union. The event easily became a spectacle of celestial bodied celebs, inviting the likes of Hideo Muraoka, Sam Ajdani, Kaila Estrada, Mauro Lumba, and more to various workouts and sports on sand.

Just in time for the holidays, we managed to ask these celeb fitspos on how they dodge the fatal charm of noche buena and other chows at social gatherings come Christmastime. Here’s what they had to say!

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Kaila Estrada: "Try your best to still exercise even if it’s the Christmas season. My advice is to stay away from sweets or booze, which is quite impossible to do. So, I guess, just work it out after."

Hideo Muraoka: "Food is energy and it is also a pleasure, so find a physical activity that you like may it be volleyball, Crossfit, or whatever and burn those calories after consuming too much!"

Eduardo Lara: "Eat healthy as much as you can but also, balance is everything so if you want to eat some extra unhealthy thing, just make sure you’re gonna burn it. And to make sure you’ll burn it, you have to have a body goal. Don’t go to the gym because you need to go, go to the gym because you want to go for you to have better results."

Christi McGarry: "I also love to gorge on food, but i think one trick that works for me is to try to lessen your carb intake in the evening. I usually load up as much carbs as I can throughout the day 'cause you can burn them along the way. But I usually try to stay away from it in the evening."

Mauro Lumba: "Consistency is key even when it’s the holiday season. But if you have to eat double your usual consumption during the holidays, then double your effort in the gym!"

Lexi Noval: "It’s vacation time, don’t be too harsh on yourself. You also deserve a treat for your hard work. So, when you do reach for some cake, enjoy it! Then follow through to cleaner meals and gym the next day!"

Carla Piscoso: "Try to still indulge like me. I love chocolates, so I still have a little—I don’t deprive my cravings. Also, try to make little sacrifices like sometimes, instead of taking the Grab, I just walk to my destination if it’s not too far. I also do workout dates with my friends 'cause it’s more fun to share activities like that with people who share the same goal."

Joanne Villablanca: "Even before I party, I make sure that I worked out already. Or sometimes I also work out the day after or both, which is even better. Another tip is I eat already before going to a party, so I don’t get to eat as much anymore when I’m tempted with food."

Sam Ajdani: "Have fun when everybody’s having fun. When it’s time to work, work hard. You are also very much welcome to join our Tao Tribe workouts and be coached by the Tao Tribe coaches like me, Hideo Muraoka, George Irineu, Noel Agra, Eduardo Lara, and Gui Hasegawa and we will personally give you tips on how to stay fit these holidays!"

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Photos by: Hideo Muraoka, Bjorn Bedayo




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