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Hot Stuff: 3 Eye Makeup Essentials That Are Mistake-Proof

Hot Stuff: 3 Eye Makeup Essentials That Are Mistake-Proof



For the new beauty enthusiasts, nothing’s more fun than playing with makeup. The brilliant colors, the exciting palettes, the range of beauty tools – they inspire you to be playful and to explore different looks. But matching your enthusiasm is also the worry of how to use them. Especially for the newbies, mistakes are bound to happen!

But Careline helps in this regard, creating products that are foolproof and mistake-proof, and which give you full control and precision so you can enjoy perfect applications every time.

Here are the three must-haves you should keep handy, and you can be assured that using them is as easy as 1,2,3!


Kilay is life! For those who are worried about being too heavy-handed when it comes to applying their brows, the Careline Best Brow Liner (P160) gives you full control and restraint. This creamy, retractable brow liner is designed with a fine lead for expert brow shaping and shading. Plus it’s lightweight and easy-to-hold so you can apply with the lightest of strokes. A spoolie brush, on the other hand, helps to create that seamless blend so your pair looks full and natural.  


An unsteady hand means a wonky eyeliner. But Careline’s Graph-Ink Liner (P170) gives you all the control with its high-precision, felt tip application. Define your eyes with sleek and sharp lines, and you can go as delicate or dark and dramatic as you want by applying strokes of different thicknesses. Giving you additional confidence, this nifty pen is smudge-proof and waterproof so it lasts all day. 


Voluminous lashes make such a difference to a look. It’s subtle, but it’s also able to build so much drama. If you’re worried about stubby or clumpy lashes, the Careline Go Long! Mascara (P185) and Careline Go Big! Mascara! (P185) are here to help you out. The Go Long! evenly pulls as it glides through your lashes, increasing the appearance of lash volume and length. The Go Big!, on the other hand, coats lashes from root to tip, building bold and beautiful volume. With just a few swipes, achieve the effect you’ve always wanted. 

Skip the learning curve and go straight to being an expert. With Careline’s easy picks, you can create near perfect applications even on the first try.

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