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Hot Stuff: What 90s Band The Moffatts—Now In Their Mid-30s—Love And Hate About The Changing Times

Hot Stuff: What 90s Band The Moffatts—Now In Their Mid-30s—Love And Hate About The Changing Times

Iconic Canadian boy band The Moffats are back in the country after 20 years, kicking off their reunion tour at The New Frontier Theater, Quezon City this Friday. Known for their crazily sang-along-to hits like "Miss You Like Crazy," "I’ll Be There For You," "If Life Is So Short," and "Girl Of My Dreams," Scott, the eldest, and the triplets, Bob, Dave, and Clint have definitely been missed. The 90s seem to be a long time ago, is it not? The boys, now in their mid 30s, would agree unanimously.

"Back then, we did a lot of things that we now find bizarre. This can be said about any generation but I can really just speak for myself. We dressed very strangely, we had strange haircuts that we probably wouldn’t even consider today though some trends are coming back. Also, not that I’m against the catchy hooks of current songs but back then, the songs were much more melodic," eldest brother and lead singer Scott Moffatt could only muster at the press conference for their Manila leg last November 26.

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The winds of change didn't only blow on what was on the outside, it would seem, with the entire industry landscape seeing a shift. Bob himself stressed on social media being in the forefront of this generation’s evolution, "Today, with social media, it’s great that you can get information quickly and express yourselves instantly but at the same time I also feel like there’s that immediate sense of judgment, which is more prevalent today and which was not as much felt during the 90s."

Now currently a yoga instructor, the other Moffat lead singer, Dave, reminisces on the simplicity of life back then. "Things were a bit more tactile, like you can really put your hands on things. Like with music, we had CD’s and vinyls and tapes, and now everything is pretty much online. I don’t necessarily miss these things coz that’s the way our world works now but things were way simpler then." Clint, who has ventured into a few other bands with Bob after The Moffatts disbanded namely Pusch and Same Same, shared this powerful insight, "In the 90s, we didn’t all have outlets to be ourselves completely. Now, everyone can go online and expose themselves. In the 90s, we just sat in our houses and had to live with ourselves, which can also be a healthy place to be in. Now I think the world can benefit more from people who can just live within themselves also."

The Moffatts bros have certainly wisened up through the years and have also evolved along with their music. Their main proof of evidence: their new album Chapter: II. (In fact, they even did a live acoustic sample of one of their singles "So In Love" at the press con—and man, do they still sound so good!) Music definitely runs in their veins and after years of muscical maturity, there is so much to look forward to as they perform on stage once again.

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