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In Focus: These Celebs Are Joining The BTS ARMY And We're Spazzing!

In Focus: These Celebs Are Joining The BTS ARMY And We're Spazzing!



There's no doubt that BTS is pretty much the biggest boy group right now. Yup, you read it right, not just in K-pop, but worldwide! From dominating social media to winning awards in every show that they attend, these boys are definitely taking the world by storm. 

And we totally get it. Surely, who wouldn't fall for these adorable idols who are not only talented but are also the nicest boys in town? Their fandom A.K.A. the ARMY is growing more and more massive each day. And you know who else is boarding the stan train? Our favorite local celebs! From Vivoree Esclito's die-hard fan status to Liza Soberano's sneaky tweet to one BTS member, check out who is spazzing over the Bangtan Boys just like us!

1. Liza Soberano

Liza has always been known as a fangirl of a lot of celebrities. From Selena Gomez to Fifth Harmony, this girl doesn't shy away in channeling her spazzing skills when it comes to meeting her faves. And it looks like there's an addition in the list of artists she would want to meet someday. ARMYs, say hello to the new member of your family! Last November 23, Liza retweeted a post made by BTS member J-Hope and replied, "I'm your hope, you're my hope." If not for the dashing Enrique Gil, we'd say that Liza (whose real name is Hope Elizabeth) and J-Hope could be soulmates! This is not the first time she tweeted about BTS because last year she subtly hinted that she likes their music. Do you think there's a chance that she'll meet her favorite K-pop group one of these days?

2. Inigo Pascual

It's already a given fact that this actor is one of the most talented artists here in our country. Of course, since he's already close to being a professional in his craft, we can say that he has also gotten better at judging other people's skills, too. That's why we loved how he's also a huge fan of BTS! From covering their songs to doing their dance moves, Inigo is obviously a certified ARMY. We totally get it since they're both hardworking, dedicated, and amazing permofrmers. Just imagine if they did a collab, that would be so dope!

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3. Vivoree Esclito

We know that this didn't come as a surprise anymore since Vivoree admitted in numerous interviews and tweets that she's a huge fan of BTS. She even said that they inspired her songwriting and how proud she is of their success. Plus, she can dance some of their hit songs like "Mic Drop" and "IDOL." When we also got the chance to work with this young gal (stay tuned for #ChalkLovesVivoree!) the only group that she requested for us to play is BTS, and we saw how her eyes light up as soon as she heard their songs!

4. Darren Espanto

One of the things that mak every BTS song so memorable is their killer dance moves. And most local celebrities, including Darren Espanto, didn't get a chance to escape the craze. Remember when Lea Salonga tweeted to ask her followers who the K-pop group that performed at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2018 was. The ever so loyal and proud ARMY Darren Espanto replied, "That was BTS, and they killed it again!" Well, we think that's one of the cutest fanboying moments ever! You can tell that he's excited to reply and brag about his favorite K-pop boy group. We can all relate to you, Darren! 

5. AC Bonifacio

This young girl is currently marking her mark in the showbiz industry with her excellent dancing skills. With more than 700,000 subscribers, she's one of the YouTube stars that people always look out for because of her epic dance covers. Plus, she already had a chance to perform in The Ellen DeGeneres Show and became a part of Ariana Grande's show in Vancouver back in 2015. And the K-pop group that she usually cover is none other than BTS. From "DNA" to "Fire", just visit AC's channel and you would see numerous dance cover videos with BTS songs. Some even think she's half Korean because of her chinita eyes. Maybe that's why a lot of K-pop fans are also obsessed with her! Here's to hoping that she can dance with Jimin one day! 

It's not difficult to get bitten by the BTS bug, and these celebs are major proof! With their powerful performances and catchy tunes, these boys are out to make the entire world fall for them if it hasn't yet!

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