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In Focus: 6 Reasons Why There's No Escaping EXO's Chanyeol's Charm

In Focus: 6 Reasons Why There's No Escaping EXO's Chanyeol's Charm


Stanning a K-pop group and falling hard for a certain bias are traps that we all can't get out of even if we tried. One of the idols that has a certain hold on us is EXO's Chanyeol who's undeniably charming in his own way without exerting much effort. With his angelic face, funny antics, and undeniable talent, Chanyeol easily snatches the hearts of every EXO-L and turns them into full-fledged Yeolmaes!

And because we're celebrating his birthday, EXO's rapper is getting some  well-deserved love from us as we list down all the things that we adore about him. From his irresistible visuals down to his musical chops, Chanyeol will leave you biaswrecked if you haven't been yet.

1. He has this heart-melting baby boy quality.

Nope, he isn't the maknae of EXO. But with his almond eyes, dimpled cheeks, and fluffy hair, Chanyeol's baby boy visuals make him the most adorable member of the group! Every candid moment with him makes him more and more precious in our eyes, and we totally can't resist!

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2. He can also serve some killer, heart-racing visuals.

You know that fluffy hair we were talking about? Well, when he opts for another look A.K.A. "Hair Up Chanyeol," we all know we're done for because it's his way of slaying his Yeolmaes especially when he's performing. That slick look infused with his unique swag on stage is the recipe for an all-kill from this powerful visual!

3. His spotlight-worthy personality makes him stand out.

Along with Chen and Baekhyun, Chanyeol is part of the "Beagle Line" A.K.A. the loudest, most extra members of EXO. From being the best MC whenever they play a game of Mafia to taking over his members' Instagram live (remember that one time he joined Kai in his IG live and outtalked him?) Chanyeol is definitely born to be put in the spotlight because his vibrant energy always shines through!

4. He has the ability to carry just about any outfit.

It's no secret that Chanyeol's confidence is through the roof when it comes to his physical appearance. He has previously mentioned that he knows he looks good in anything. And we ain't even mad, because, seriously, where's the lie? Having a model-esque figure, Chanyeol serves high-fashion looks and defines class whenever he steps on the red carpet. Sometimes, he could even strut with just a black shirt on, and he'd already leave us falling apart while he flaunts his toned figure. *swoons* 

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5. He has smooth vocals and can play multiple instruments.

Yes, he is in EXO's rap line, but whenever he gets the chance to show off his vocal chops, Chanyeol always reminds us that he's a singer who shouldn't be slept on. He has this smooth quality in his tone whenever he sings like he's softly seranading you! Add his guitar skills into the mix, and you've got one dreamy oppa. He also plays the drums, piano, and bass guitar!

6. He writes and produces his own music.

Digging further into his musical talent, Chanyeol is also a songwriter and producer. He has his own studio and a SoundCloud account where he shares his personal work. He even co-wrote some of EXO's songs like "Power" from The Power of Music and "With You" from Don't Mess Up My Tempo. He also revealed that he wrote a track for their recent comeback but got rejected by their management. Seriously, give this boy what he deserves–his self-produced work to be promoted by his company–because such talent should not be hidden away! 

Aside from his visuals and skills, what we love most about Chanyeol is his all-around warmth that gives life to EXO and EXO-Ls alike. He's like our personal sunshine, and we wouldn't mind basking in his light all day. We'd give him the world if we could because he's that precious! Happy birthday, Chanyeollie!

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