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In Focus: Why The New Ketogenic Diet Craze May Actually Be Bad For You

In Focus: Why The New Ketogenic Diet Craze May Actually Be Bad For You

You might have already heard about this new “ketogenic diet” craze, and you might even have some friends who are already into it, too. That is, if you aren’t already into it yourself! But there’s nothing surprising about it, really, with a lot of people claiming to have already lost a substantial amount of weight from it. Although, with any new practice, comes a deal of scrutiny. And quite a number of studies have claimed that this diet can actually do more harm than good. So, in playing the devil’s advocate, here are some things you might want to consider before trying out the keto diet. 

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The “Keto Flu”

Although this isn’t a long term effect, a lot of people who go into ketosis end up feeling sick with symptoms like vomiting, gastrointestinal problems, fatigue, and lethargy. The main reason most people feel this is because the body runs out of sugar to burn for energy, so it begins to burn fat instead. 

It affects your athletic performance

Contrary to what keto dieters say about an improved performance in their sport, professionals in the medical field disagree otherwise. The reason is that when the body is in ketosis, it tends to be more acidic, which actually limits one’s physical performance. In fact, a high carb diet is still what doctors recommend for a more efficient athletic performance. 

Weight fluctuations

This diet isn’t only quite complicated to follow due to the specific servings that one needs to take in, therefore making it unrealistic for one to stick with this type of diet in the long run. Oftentimes, those who end their diets and go back to eating carbs regain their weight. What’s even worse is that dieters could develop some kind of eating disorder like binge eating after being deprived of certain foods.  


Water is crucial for those who are on the keto diet, simply because the kidneys flush out a lot of water in the beginning of ketosis. And that isn’t everything that gets flushed out, but also magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. Without all these electrolytes, one can experience a lot of symptoms like fatigue, muscle cramps, irregular heartbeat and even cognitive issues. Dieters are also more prone to getting kidney stones, which could lead to surgery.

Brain fog

When there isn’t enough carbs in your body, your body will have to produce carbs from other parts of your body. And did you know that your brain runs on glucose or carbs? This is often why people who go on ketosis report to experience some sort of memory loss, headaches, and confusion. Since ketosis affects our mental health, it is definitely not recommended for those who suffer from depression and anxiety, as these illnesses could get worse.  

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