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RnR Recos: This Is The Only Place In The World That Lets You Sleep With Wolves!

RnR Recos: This Is The Only Place In The World That Lets You Sleep With Wolves!

Oftentimes, when we plan a trip abroad, we tend to look for the most convenient hotels usually found in the city center. What we don’t know is that there are other hotels that, even if they aren’t as conveniently accessible, offer unique and one-of-a-kind experiences. An perfect example of this would be the ‘Wolf Lodge’ in Norway. You can find the Wolf Lodge in Bardu, inside an animal sanctuary referred to as the Polar Park, 140 miles within the Arctic Circle. Aside from wolves, the park is also home to several other animals like lynxes, polar bears and arctic foxes, species that you can hardly see in the wild. 

At Wolf Lodge, you wouldn’t have to camp out in the cold, as the property provides high-end cabins that also includes a private chef, your very own housekeeper, as well as a private wilderness guide to take you on your adventures!

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Aside from playing with wolves, Wolf Lodge guests are entitled to visit the Polar Park even after operating hours. Other private activities like fjord cruises, fishing, dog sledding and whale watching can also be organized. And if you come in winter, you’ll have a chance to see the northern lights from the comforts of your cabin!

There is no other place in the world that offers this kind of experience to their guests, and that is what makes Wolf Lodge a dream destination. But of course, an unforgettable memory like this comes with a hefty price tag too.

To get to Wolf Lodge, it takes about an hour an a half to fly from Oslo to Narvik, plus a 70-minute drive from the airport. Guests will be provided with a private driver who will take them to the cabin as well. Due to the Wolf Lodge’s exclusivity, one will have to request for the rates through their official website as these aren’t published online.

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