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Where To Next: With Boracay Still Recovering, You Might As Well Book These Eco-Friendly Sites!

Where To Next: With Boracay Still Recovering, You Might As Well Book These Eco-Friendly Sites!

Frankly, we hope that the temporary closure of Boracay due to its rehabilitation has taught many tourists and business owners a lesson as it reopened recently. That is, most especially, to be more aware of the health of our planet, and to be more conscious of how we are treating our environment. It might help that we get to see other eco-friendly alternatives as the most beautiful island in the Philippines heals itself further. Here are some resorts that promote such!

Eco Hotel, Boracay

Since Boracay is already open to visitors, you might want to consider supporting sustainable living by staying at Eco Hotel. As its name suggests, the hotel was built with refurbished wood from ground up and make use of low energy generators and highly efficient cooling systems. Besides that, they also encourage their guests to dispose of their trash accordingly with their recycling program. 

Amorita Resort, Bohol

This luxury resort in Panglao Island isn’t just the perfect place to get some proper rest and relaxation. By staying here, you are also benefiting Mother Nature, as Amorita Resort provides their guests with reusable glass bottles, saving the planet from hundreds of plastic bottles being used an thrown away daily. The rooms are also equipped with environment-friendly bamboo music amplifier. That’s not all, as they have an in-house water waste treatment facility where water is recycled to keep their gardens green. 

Evolution Resort, Cebu

What makes this dive resort in Malapascua Island stand out from the rest is that they train divers to have proper dive etiquette, which means that their divers are encouraged to protect marine life. Evolution Resort has veered away from using plastic bottles and straws for a while now, and made use of a lot of bamboo to build the resort. They have also been a part of Green Fins for several years and are known to be one of the most environment-friendly dive operators in the world—part of the top 10, actually! 

Home Crest Residences, Davao

This residence in Davao is one of the first hotels using solar heaters to conserve power while maximizing renewable energy. This was particularly made for their “Live the Green Dream” advocacy. Being a member of Zero Carbon Resorts, Home Crest Residences’ plan is to make use of renewable energy to reduce overall carbon footprint.

Circle Hostel, Zambales

Circle Hostel isn’t just a place where you can meet new people in between sunbathing and surf sessions. It also offers experiences like Tribes and Treks that won’t just benefit the guests, but also the local community. Here, guests can visit Aeta communities and help the locals replant crops on their land so they can harvest food more quickly!  

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