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In Focus: Stages We All Go Through When We're Obsessed With Online Shopping

In Focus: Stages We All Go Through When We're Obsessed With Online Shopping


If you've never tried online shopping, then we challenge you to try going to one of those e-commerce sites and buy at least one thing from there. After waiting a couple of days and opening that newly-packaged item, you'll feel the satisfaction that you didn't have to move an inch or scour through the mall for hours just to get that item that you badly wanted or needed. Before you know it, you're back at that online site again and endlessly browsing until you find something to put in your cart.

Online shopping is a blessing especially when we're looking for a birthday gift or a party dress on the last minute. With just one click, we can all find what we're looking for without much hassle. And if you've been obsessed with it, you've probably experienced these stages! 

1. The excitement you feel when you see good "deals." 

It It feels like online merchendisers know what we need and when we need it since notifications and ads also pop out of nowhere. When you go to the site or store, you'll see a ton of good deals and on sale items which would persuade you more. The cute dress is now 20% off, while the gorgeous pair of sunglasses is now 50% off, and you're not sure when the sale would end, so why not buy both right? Plus, when you buy both, you'll even receive a pretty tote bag! Next thing you know, you've piled a ton of stuff in your cart, and that's the point of no return for you.

2. You ten to buy items that you don't really need now, but might need later.

When you're going to the mall, there's just something about an item that you think would be useful in the future that makes you want to buy it now. But what makes literal shopping different from online shopping is the fact that you can save the things that you saw online in your cart so you can buy it later (when you already have the money)! Now, you're a much smarter buyer! (Or not...)

3. You grow into a compulsive buyer.

One of the disadvantages of being able to shop anywhere and anytime with just one click is doing it unnecessarily just because you were swayed by the constant ads and posts you're seeing online. When you see your favorite blogger tagging this IG store or your this K-pop merch reseller suddenly dropped a GO, you go dive right in without even thinking twice. Sometimes, there's a huge possibility that you don't really need those things at the moment. Don't get us wrong, not everyone who enjoys online shopping becomes a compulsive buyer. As long as you know what you want without feeling pressured or stressed to buy it immediately, then you might just be okay. 

4. You get frustrated waiting for your order to arrive.

Since online shopping is known for feeding our need for immediate gratification, we expect our orders to arrive in an instant. Sometimes, we even make those crucial purchases like buying a swimsuit that we expect to arrive the day before we leave for the beach. Perhaps, some of us have also tried buying an album of our fave K-pop group, hoping for the fastest ETA so you don't miss out on getting your hands on that glorious package!

5. Doing online shopping to be excited again.

When the day you've been waiting for finally comes, you think everything just feels right again. So after that successful shopping experience, it just makes you want to order again. And so you do. And the cycle of feeding your regular shopping cravings repeats, and your bank account is already screaming for help.

Still, there's just something about online shopping that makes us feel positively elated. And even though there are moments where things might have gone haywire, we're sure you'll do it again even just for the sake of convenience. Now, is there anywhere we can sign a petition to include retail therapy in our health insurance?

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