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#ChalkChallenge: 'Spirits Reawaken' Cast Plays "Who's Most Likely To"

#ChalkChallenge: 'Spirits Reawaken' Cast Plays



The all new teen fantasy series Spirits Reawaken just launched last November 17, and we're already obsessed with the new gang that is born to guard and save us from intergalactic forces: Red (Grae Fernandez), Maya (Kira Balinger), Lloyd (Patrick Quiroz), Jesse (Jairus Aquino), Gabbie (Chantal Videla), and Nato (Bugoy Cariño). 

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Spirits Reawaken definitely gave justice to the adventure that the original 2004 series took us on. From presenting relevant teenage struggles to inspiring us to become the best superhero that we can be, the show is absolutelya must-see. And because we can't get enough of these guardians, we invited the cast to dish on more deets about the Spirits universe! Watch the video below as this goofy cast plays "Who's Most Likely To" and lets us get to know their characters more!

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