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#ChalkAsks: What Do You Think About Learning Korean In High School?

#ChalkAsks: What Do You Think About Learning Korean In High School?


by Kassandra Flores
Chalk Campus Correspondent

From pop culture to lifestyle, there's no denying that the Korean wave is here to stay on our shores. And now, the Department of Education (DepEd) introduces the Korean language as the next foreign language that will be offered as an elective subject for high school students particularly in 10 selected public schools in the country.

Some are delighted as this gives the students the opportunity to strengthen our international competence, while some are outraged and argue that we should focus more on nurturing our native tongue. To get further get the pulse of Filipino students, here we asked what's their take on this issue.

"Siyempre annoyed, because they're prioritizing international languages over our own. Learning this language is an avenue for internationalization, sure, and I guess it's okay if we still put our national language above others. Pero kasi ngayon pa lang nahihirapan yung iba i-distinguish yung 'ng' at 'nang'. Sa sariling language pa lang natin nagkakaguluhan na, what more kung mag-aaral ng entirely different language?" - Casey, 21

"Well for me, it’s okay to learn new language. But removing our mother tongue from the academe? It’s a no for me. The reason why some people are not good at speaking Filipino it’s because, they don’t fully give attention on it that’s why they’re unconsciously forgetting our language. Don’t let our countrymen forget the mother tongue. Filipino subjects must develop and don’t let it pass by on our history." - Nicole, 20

"It's acceptable to make Korean languange an elective subject. While DepEd should be focusing on improving the curriculum and weighing the benefits on hand if the foreign languages taught in school would be useful to us, students in the long-run." - Alyessa, 19

"I personally think that there is nothing wrong in having Korean language as a subject in high school, it will be helpful and will also gain their interest in other culture as well. It is actually an advantage for them that can be helpful in their future endeavors involving Korean language. But Deped should always and not forget our very own Filipino langugae that it should always been prioritize at all times." - Nicole, 19

"Since globalization is the trend nowadays, adding Korean language as an elective would create advantages for us. One of the prominent foreigners residing and studying in our country are Koreans so having it as an elective language would probably invite more Korean students to enroll and visit us strengthening both the education and tourism sectors of the country." - Ian, 22

"I'm fine with it but its not agreeable that we will take down the Filipino subject because whats our Filipino heritage for if its just going to be taken down and replaced with a language unknown for us yet known for their entertainment." - Nicole, 13

How about you? What's your take on this issue? Do you think that this equates to a loss for the Filipino language?

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