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Editor Picks: 5 Aloe Products To Try If You Don't Have An Actual Plant Like Kelsey Merritt

Editor Picks: 5 Aloe Products To Try If You Don't Have An Actual Plant Like Kelsey Merritt


Following her historic debut at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show as the first Filipino model to walk the runway, our homegirl Kelsey Merritt continues to create more buzz in the fashion and beauty scene. Recently, she filmed her everyday beauty routine for Vogue magazine's YouTube channel which got us all thrilled! From her pimple hack to her fave products to achieve a bronzed glow, this insider look at Kelsey's go-to tricks is a gold mine of makeup and skincare tips that I couldn't dare pass up.

Throughout the eight-minute video, one thing that stuck to me (and everyone else in the office) is how Kelsey uses fresh aloe vera in her beauty regimen. Yup, ya gurl's got an actual aloe plant sitting in her bathroom, and we just can't get over it!

Just like Kelsey, I have discovered the wonders of aloe on my skin. I use products with it on the daily especially when I want to soothe my skin if it feels dry, tired, or sunburnt. Here, I list down the products that I've tried, tested, and loved in case you don't know where to find an actual aloe vera plant like Kelsey.

1. Naturals by Watsons Aloe Vera Hair and Scalp Tonic

In the video, Kelsey revealed that she uses fresh aloe vera to moisturize her scalp and hair. I also have problems when it comes to scalp dryness, and I have tried different scrubs, oils, and other treatments for it. However, I noticed the most improvement when I tried the hair and scalp tonic from Watson's Naturals line with aloe vera as its main ingredient. Although its major claim is hair strengtening, it yielded instant results on my dry scalp, making this drugstore find a holy grail product for me!

Naturals by Watsons Aloe Vera Hair and Scalp Tonic, P229

2. Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Almost every Korean beauty brand advertises an aloe vera soothing gel, proving its skincare must-have status. As I mentioned, I love using aloe products because of their soothing effect, and this essential from Nature Republic is my go-to whenever I want to give my skin a refreshing feeling. I particularly lather this on my face to soothe my tightened skin after a clay mask sesh.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel, P245

3. Bench Organics 92% Aloe Face And Body Mist

I love this face and body mist so much that I actually have two bottles! I keep one at home which I use after my morning makeup routine to set my face, and one in the office that I spray as soon as I get to my desk. It just gives me that refreshing feeling after commuting and being under the harsh heat!

Bench Organics 92% Aloe Face And Body Mist, P229

4. The Face Shop Oil Control Sun Cream

One of the most important skincare tips that I believe we should all swear by is putting sun protection on. Sunscreens aren't just for the beach especially if you're outdoors on the daily. I particularly love this facial sun cream from The Face Shop because it has aloe vera gel. And if you have oily skin, the tea tree oil in it is a bonus to keep the sebum in check.

The Face Shop Oil Control Sun Cream, P525

5. The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Vera Face Mask

If you just got into Korean skincare, I suggest starting with The Face Shop because a lot of their products actually work well, at least on my skin. I love their Real Nature line which has a face mask for literally every skincare concern. I specifically use the aloe vera mask when I go to the beach and want to soothe my sunburnt skin. Make sure to keep an eye out when they go on sale because they sell 10 pieces for only P365, if I remember it correctly!

The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe Vera Face Mask, P65

Hopefully, this list urged you to try products with aloe vera, because if you haven't yet, girl, you're missing out! Let us know if you have any other aloe recos! 

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